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Session One: The Big Data Diet 1.0 (Data Ingestion, Exploitation and Transformation)

Pete Wittering & Ahmad Shahzad, Equal Experts

Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.

It is very common for organisations to take the fast food route for quick short term benefit, this results in an ever increasing technical estate, costs/management overhead, and a bloated bottom line.

We are a victim of data obesity, which is slowing us down, increasing our organisational blood pressure and in turn impacting our ability to make healthy data driven decisions.

It’s time to pick up them dumb bells, lift some weights and get your data in shape to become a leaner, faster and more athletic agile organisation.

In this talk we will demystify agile data warehousing delivery at scale and sprint through an end-to-end data journey to achieve a faster, leaner and more efficient data driven solution.

Session Two: 'Big Data, Machine Learning and the Intelligent Edge in your business'

Andrew Pattinson & Lewis Crawford, Equal Experts

What is Big Data and how does it relate to Machine Learning and the Intelligent Edge that people are increasingly talking about? Can you realistically and usefully exploit the opportunities that lie in the linking of ever larger data sets with the huge increases in computational power now widely available. In this talk Andrew and Lewis dispel some of the myths, give you insight and prove that you don't need to be Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Google to explore gaining competitive edge in this exciting and rapidly advancing area of Computer Science.

Pete Wittering - Advocate of iterative & continuous delivery practices, with a real passion for continuous improvement and a demonstrable success of transformational change to meet the demands of the ever evolving and competitive digital landscape.

Ahmad Shahzad - Industry expert, keen proponent of data driven development strategies and a current PhD candidate in machine learning and data science. Helping organisations build platforms to aid in autonomous decision making solutions to keep them ahead of the competition.

Andrew Pattinson - Andrew has a wealth of experience leading and growing Digital delivery organisations. He has held leadership positions such as Head of Online Development, Head of Digital Development and Head of IT. He has worked across both the private sector and government and really enjoys enabling the transformations that people and technology can bring to an organisation.

Lewis Crawford - Lewis has worked with data for more than 20 years. He has held roles such as Head of Architecture and Design at the British Library managing petabyte-scale Object Stores, he was the first Hadoop certified professional in Europe, and worked on large scale Big and Fast data systems for Morgan Stanley and Sun Microsystems before the term Big Data had been coined. He is focused on micro-services for macro problems; applying docker to architect highly-scalable data platforms, and assisting clients on Big Data projects. Recently he has been focused on Machine Learning and specifically Deep Learning applications.