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Running Servers That Build Themselves + In God, We Trust. In All Else, We Test

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We will start the event with a short presentation by one of our Evolve programme participants, Ali Farooqui who will give you a quick talk about
how a platform team can tackle introducing Agile principles to enterprise data-warehousing tool deployments. The talk covers the basics of cloud based data warehousing tools and hadoop distributions.

SESSION ONE: "Running Servers That Build Themselves"

Running servers in the cloud comes with a warning label. Servers fail. This talk will show you why this is okay and what we can do about it.

SPEAKER: Neil Millard, DevOps Engineer
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SESSION TWO: (updated) "In God, We Trust. In All Else, We Test"

The talk will be focussed on how to approach testing with an agile tech stack, types of testing we need to consider and why relying heavily on end to end test is a bad idea. Also the talk will go through how to write great scenarios in behaviour driven development.

SPEAKER: Shahnaaz Rahamatullah, QA
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**Food and drink will be provided - we look forward to seeing you there!**