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ExpertTalks: XML is Evil + The Value of Ethnography for UX Design

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SESSION ONE: XML is Evil: JVM XML Parsing Security Pitfalls

This talk describes several common security vulnerabilities, how they can be found and mitigated against. Real life examples (though anonymised) are used to illustrate how these issues can be exploited.
XML is one of the cornerstones of services talking to each other. While XML and SOAP are losing ground against JSON and REST, services built on XML or using XML are very widespread. Furthermore, as a lot of XML is used within or when interfacing with legacy systems, there is a high chance that supporting libraries have not been updated in a while - after all, if it isn’t broke - why fix it? Yet, vulnerabilities in dependencies are being unearthed all the time, and usually the most devastating attacks exploit bugs that have been around for a long time.
So we have a cocktail of:
* Services that haven’t been maintained as much as they should have
* Services that contain vulnerabilities
* Services that are potentially still internet-facing
As outlined below, this combination could lead to some nasty side effects. The talk will cover the following types of vulnerability:
* Information Disclosure
* Server Side Request Forgery
* Denial of Service

SPEAKER: Gerald Benischke, Software Engineer
Equal Experts

SESSION TWO: The value of ethnography for UX design

There are many ways that UXers can try to understand behaviours and motivations of users and customers in order to design the right thing.
Often, because it's easy and convenient for the researcher/designer, we bring in users to our premises and watch, listen and learn as they use the product.
It's often both harder and more time consuming to do ethnography - going out into the wild in 'Gorillas in the Mist' style and watching the user in their own space and context. But this can have real value, and this talk is about why and how that is.

SPEAKER: David Hawdale, Experience Designer
Equal Experts

Food and drink will be provided - we look forward to seeing you there!