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Equal Experts is a global network of technology shapers. Engaging 3,000 consultants across 5 continents, we help create leading digital products and services. We decide with data, design for users, deliver at pace and scale sustainably.

We only engage senior consultants. In years of experience, our people have twice the industry average. Low-ego and curious, they share knowledge with your teams and across our network.

What is Expert Talks?

Expert Talks provides thought leadership from the Equal Experts network on a variety of technology-based themes. These structured talks allow consultants and customers to talk about their experiences, ideas and inspiration. Whether you’re a technologist working in a similar environment, or a tech leader wanting to gain deeper understanding, it provides topics around data, product design, software delivery, and scaling teams.

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What CUPID means to engineers: a conversation with Daniel North

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In this talk you will discover the principles of CUPID engineering, and find out what happens when CUPID properties aren’t in place. We’ll also examine whether CUPID properties might sometimes be taken to extremes by engineers, and how that impacts software development outcomes.

With thirty years experience in IT, Daniel North is a technology and organisational change specialist who uses his deep technical and operational knowledge to help business and technology leaders to optimise digital product organisations. He puts people first, and finds simple, pragmatic solutions to business and technical problems, often using lean and agile techniques. Daniel talks to Equal Experts developers Marco Vermeulen and Natalia Oskina, both of whom have extensive experience of using SOLID principles, and CUPID properties in software development.

Listen to their examples of real engineering experiences involving SOLID principles and CUPID properties in software development, and find out how your engineers can leverage CUPID principles within your business.

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You Build It You Run It sounds great… but it won’t work here!

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Since You Build It You Run It was outlined in 2006, on-call product teams as an operating model has gone from being a controversial idea… to being a controversial idea.

Enterprise organisations don’t do it, but they do talk about why they don’t do it:

  • “It’s too expensive”
  • “Developers won’t want to do it”
  • “Nobody would be accountable”
  • “There would be no incident management”
  • “Developers would spend all their time firefighting”
  • “It’s not possible to have a DBA for every team”

This talk demystifies these fears about You Build It You Run It, drawing on experiences from multiple enterprise organisations who’ve successfully implemented on-call product teams.

It explains how to simultaneously achieve frequent deployments, high availability, and a high rate of learning across many teams and digital services.

Steve Smith
Head of Scale Service, Equal Experts

Steve advises clients worldwide on leadership in delivery, operations, and culture at scale.

Steve has played key roles in multiple digital transformation programmes. He was a leader on a 60 team/600 microservices programme for a UK government department with £500Bpa revenue.

He also implemented a Continuous Delivery and operability strategy for 30 teams/100 microservices in a high street retailer with £2Bpa online revenue. He’s also written multiple books, such as Measuring Continuous Delivery and Build Quality In.

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ROI: Moving beyond return on investment and innovation to inspiration

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When we assess ROI during transformations we need to not only consider return on investments or return on innovations, we need to also look at the return on inspirations.

A missing ingredient with many digital transformations is deep inspiration. Not just the “spark of idea” or “light bulb moment” but rather “make it all worthwhile” and “go beyond” inspirations.
Inspiration is part of our daily lives and can come at any time often when we most need it to help us through the tough times that we face during large scale technology and business transformation.

Yet inspiration is often seen as an ambiguous thing with no direct connection to a transformation. This is a lost opportunity.

Successful digital transformations need to connect deeply with the inspirations of our project teams, our key stakeholders and our organisation’s customer.

As leaders we need to better understand and continuously improve our return on inspiration and can start by asking three important questions:

  • What are our team’s daily inspiration drivers?
  • How do we create an environment to help inspire?
  • Where does our own personal inspiration fit in?

This expert talk will highlight and open discussions on these three questions including suggested areas of focus for greatest impact. While there is no silver bullet or playbook there are lessons and approaches to be shared.

Ken Gallacher
Digital Transformation Leader

Ken is an accomplished senior executive with a global track record of leading strategic transformations and new business model technologies that creates revenue growth and operational efficiencies.

He has successfully led many digital journeys as CIO for several large top 50 companies with great success including St. Vincent's Health, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Westfield, AMP, TNT and CSR as well as a Partner with PwC.

Ken has a proven ability to engage and obtain sponsor buy-in with multiple stakeholders at Board and Executive level with differing cultures, business needs, inspirations and styles.

He is also a Canadian Chartered Accountant and an Independent member of the New South Wales Department of Education Audit & Risk Committee.

This talk will be recorded and the link to the recording added in the Comments shortly after the event.

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