• ExpertTalks Cambridge: Stuart Gunter - Walking Through Fire(walls)

    Join us at the next ExpertTalks Cambridge! Session One: "Walking through firewalls" I'm sure we've all had the experience of working on a project where nobody could tell us what problem we’re trying to solve. Similarly, I suspect we've all worked on projects that are heavily invested in a particular technology yet have no idea how it works. This can quickly lead to a situation where we've not actually solved the problem. We weren't clear on what we were trying to achieve, and we didn't really know how things worked. This talk takes you on a journey through a real world scenario, showing how easy it is to fall into this trap and how to avoid it (or pull things back on track). We happen to use the example of bypassing firewalls, but the topic should challenge us to think more critically about other technologies we might use and other problems we may need to solve. On one level, we'll look at how a firewall could be bypassed. In doing so, we'll look at some foundational building blocks of the web and show the importance of having a good depth of knowledge in the technologies you're using. On another level, we'll look at how we can critically evaluate the work we're doing, the problems we're trying to solve, and the knowledge we need to tackle them. Expect to come away having learned a little something about firewalls, security, and some of the techniques hackers might use to attack your systems... as well as a few things about HTTP, TLS and proxy modes. Stuart Gunter | Security Practice Lead at Equal Experts Stuart has over 18 years experience working in software engineering across a range of industries. His background includes .NET and JVM-based tech stacks, holding positions such as developer, tech lead and architect. He has worked on monoliths and microservices, on premise and in the cloud, using cutting edge technology and good old fashioned boring tech, building apps for small user bases and millions of users. His focus on security over the past few years has emerged from his interest in engineering better quality software. He enjoys helping teams better integrate security into their regular delivery cycle, and works hard to ensure that security enables us to deliver business value to customers quickly and safely. As always, food & refreshments will be provided. See you there.

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Chris Bowen - Delivering Product Vision & Avoiding Bias

    Expert Talks Cambridge - Wednesday 1st May - 7pm Please join us for a great talk, followed by refreshments and drinks! Following the great success of last time, the Hot Numbers kitchen will again be providing their delicious food for us. Speaker: Chris Bowen | Delivery Lead at Equal Experts Chris is a Delivery Lead with over 18 year's experience in the full life cycle of the software development and delivery processes. Chris spent many years building and leading high performing delivery teams with Sky UK across many products and programmes; for example numerous Interactive TV applications, gaming, mobile web services, live voting platforms, multi-regional/multi-platform content discovery & recommendations services, and more recently building the delivery team that is helping take Sky's tailored advertising a delivery & analytics capability to the next level. As part of his latest chapter Chris has joined forces with Equal Experts to bring his energy and enthusiasm to even more organisations. He also loves a bit of Karaoke. "Delivering Product Vision & Avoiding Bias" In a world where we often strive for efficiency sometimes it's important to also remain effective. In this talk Chris will to explore the challenges we face as humans in building good teams and good products. How have factors within our own society led to annoyances and dangers we face everyday and what can we do to prevent the same mistakes happening again?

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Dr Oliver Shaw - Test Driven Development

    Expert Talks Cambridge - Wednesday 3rd April - 7pm Please join us for a great talk, followed by refreshments and drinks! Speaker: Dr Oliver Shaw | Software Developer at Equal Experts Oliver has an interest in creating pragmatic, quality software and getting that into live as soon as possible using DevOps techniques. Specific tech interests include AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Serverless, Scala, Python, Kotlin, Docker, ElasticSearch, CI/CD. "Test Driven Development: How, Why, Where and When" TDD is a core Agile/XP technique. However it’s possibly the most misused term in the industry. Oliver Shaw goes back to basics and delves into some of its techniques and details with some live coding in JavaScript. Whatever your technical level or TDD experience, there is something here for everyone. As an added bonus we now have confirmation that the refreshments this time will be provided by the venue's kitchen, who will serve us a selection of middle-eastern delights.

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Andy Gray & James Morgan - Intro to Blockchain Technology

    Expert Talks Cambridge - Wednesday 6th March - 7pm Wanna learn more about Blockchain Technology, then please join us for a great introduction to it. We'll also have food and drinks! Speakers: Andy Gray & James Morgan - software developers at Equal Experts Andy has over 20 years commercial experience developing enterprise IT systems and is now primarily focussed on emerging Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Co-founder of BlockRocket.tech, CryptoKaiju.io, and KnownOrigin.io. Organiser of Blockchain Manchester. James has over 10 years experience in the tech industry. He is a passionate full stack senior software engineer. As an experienced Agile practitioner, he is always striving to produce the highest quality of software always looking to implement industry standards delivered on time and in budget. Co-founder of BlockRocket.tech. To find out more about BlockRocket.tech, please visit their website: http://www.blockrocket.tech/ Their talk today will be: "Introduction to Blockchain Technology" With interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies going through the roof, Blockchain, the technology behind it, has never been more relevant. But how does it work? This talk is a technical introduction to Blockchains. What are they? How are they different from traditional architecture? What makes them unique? It also dives into Smart Contracts, explaining how you can encapsulate logic on the Blockchain, and wraps up with examples of real-world applications currently being developed and in-use. See you all soon for this exciting talk!

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Mike Robinson - A History of Agility in 12 Objects

    Expert Talks Cambridge - Wednesday 6th February - 7pm Please join us for some a great talk, followed by pizzas and drinks! Speaker: Mike Robinson | Independent agile consultant, who's helped people, managers and teams from 2 to 2000 in many industries, since 1st learning of Agile (manufacturing) in 1993. "A History of Agility in 12 Objects" This talk is a guided, interactive, journey through the history of Agility far beyond the ‘Agile Manifesto’. Our goal is to discover lessons from past times that can help us meet a volatile future. For the business in which we work, we’ll discuss objects from the ancient Greeks, the CIA and others that might offer more insight into an ‘Agile’ way forward than simply trying to reverse-engineer software practices for wider application. For ourselves, we’ll discuss the human need for Agility, some personal challenges in achieving it, and the beauty of helping others have it. And because it’s our own time, we’ll have some fun along the way - please come prepared for interaction and collaboration :-) See you all there.

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Adam Surgenor - Not only but also

    Expert Talks Cambridge Please join us for a great talk and pizza, at Hot Numbers, from 7pm. Speaker: Adam Surgenor | Software developer at Equal Experts, currently working on a project in a UK retail and commercial bank. "Not only but also" We’re all developers, but there’s more to the job than that. Adam wants to help recognise the additional skills we’re all using and how we can grow that rather than relying on people with that skill as their job title. An example is architecture. We tend to architect systems up front, or not at all and yet every programming decision we make has architectural implications See you all there soon.

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Paul McGrath - Docker for the complete beginner

    Expert Talks Cambridge - Wednesday 7th November - 7pm Workshop by Paul McGrath: "Docker for the complete beginner" Bring a laptop or pair up with someone friendly. Please run these very important instructions before attending: 1. Install docker: Mac: https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac/install/ Windows 10: https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/install/ Older windows - Docker toolbox: https://docs.docker.com/toolbox/toolbox_install_windows/ 2. Clone or download the repository: https://github.com/pavlosmcg/docker101 (on windows do not clone this to your home folder, clone it to somewhere near the root of the c: drive instead) 3. Open bash (mac) or powershell (windows) and run the pre-workshop script in the root of the repo. Please ensure that the command at the end of this script writes out "Ready to learn docker" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please join us for this great workshop (presented at the DDD East Anglia) Speaker: Paul McGrath | Software engineer (C++, VB, FORTRAN) currently working on freelance projects and helping run the Cambridge Programmers' Study Group. Workshop: "Docker for the complete beginner" If you've heard of docker at conferences and want to know what all the hype is about, this is for you. He will also show how docker can help in your development process even if your company doesn't use docker at all. The workshop will be followed by some pizzas and drinks! See you all on Wednesday!

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Justin Caldicott - Why Not Serverless for Everything?

    Expert Talks Cambridge Our 2nd session will be Wednesday 3rd October from 7pm. Please join us for a great talk and tasty food, from 7pm. Speaker: Justin Caldicott | Software developer at Equal Experts, currently working in the Contact Service Team at a multinational retailer. "Why Not Serverless for Everything?" Serverless architecture promises to outsource all the boring stuff. This session aims to answer the question, "Why not use serverless for everything?". You'll get a better idea when and where serverless is a great fit. Includes demos, tips and plenty of data to convince your boss with. See you all very soon.

  • ExpertTalks Cambridge: Raj Wilkhu - From Monolith to Serverless

    Expert Talks Cambridge Our 1st session will be Wednesday 5th September, followed by a monthly event - every first Wednesday of the month! Please join us for a great talk and delicious pizzas, from 7pm. Speaker: Raj Wilkhu | Software developer at Equal Experts, working at present in the Payments Team at a multinational retailer. "From Monolith to Serverless" In this session we will look at how we rebuilt an application written using some classic ASP, some ASP.NET webforms and VB.NET with multiple databases in multiple SQL Server instances (and zero tests :-() to AWS using Serverless technologies (AWS Lambda, Kinesis, Elastic etc). We will look at the challenges we faced, our journey from 6 monthly releases to continuous delivery, monolith to functions, tips and tricks, failures and learnings, from data driven to domain driven. The talk will be supported with live demos with tips on setting up a continuous deployment pipeline and how to monitor serverless applications in production. See you all there soon.