What we're about

This Group is for those that are actively seeking and discovering a way back home to our true beings. Along the way in life we tend to get wounded as life sometimes is an uphill battle. The warrior within gets up and keeps going, using what is a available to reach the sweet fruit of knowledge that clings to the outer limbs and higher branches of the tree of life. There are a tremendous amount of substances within many plants and fungi that have a profound effect on the human physique and psyche. This group seeks those with a desire to experience these "gifts" and also and very importantly ,those who have knowledge to share. We shall offer meetings and gatherings where we can share knowledge, seeds, cuttings, plant material, and very importantly, experiences. We are very fortunate to live in an area of the planet that is very rich in many kinds of these medicines and aids to the exploration of the reality we find our selves perched in. If one can fathom the idea that our physical and mental ailments are a result of an inner balance that is askew and needing attention and correction to align with well being, this group may be for you.

Past events (46)

Morning Hike and Picnic in the High Desert

Gordon Hirabayashi Campground

Various Modalities of Mental and Physical Healing

City of Tucson Ward 6 Office

Spring Equinox Hike

Bowen Stone House

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