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Lazer Tag: Zap Zone! It's a LOT of fun. Wear good shoes. If you have been very sedentary, expect to be achy the next day. I had a sore arm and my neck ached; but I'm petite and the gear isn't made for us tiny folks. NOT the same light stuff that they had in the early 90s. But for those of you who LARP and/or fight heavy in the SCA, this will be a piece of cake. [I did rapier, our gear was never this bulky!] All that aside, this is really fun. About 12 minutes a session. Wait times for a game will depend on how many people are there already. Optimal group size: about 20-30 people. *** Tuesdays are $4.00/game. ***

Zap Zone

936 East Mall Drive · Lansing, MI

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Have you wished that you attended a gymnastics meet at your college, or went into that curious hot dog place you pass by everyday to work, or knew more of the town you had lived in for years before moving? If your answer is also YES, this is an initiative to eliminate regrets before they start and explore the present, the here, and the available, for as deep and as wide as possible. :-)

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