What we're about

How many people live, work, play, or just pass through New Jersey's Great Swamp region every day? The answer is "a lot." (Just think about the I-287 corridor from Bernardsville to Morristown, and you'll have a better idea.)

Most of those folks haven't got a clue about the amazing natural landscapes tucked away inside the swamp's 55-square mile watershed. Hopefully, this group can remedy the situation by getting more people out to experience and learn about Great Swamp, its wild inhabitants, and the critical role it plays as an environmental resource here in New Jersey.

Whether you're an environmentalist, a hiker, a biker, a paddler, a walker, a scientist, a birdwatcher, an amateur naturalist, a tourist, a commuter, a socially responsible business owner, a socially conscious citizen, or just someone who likes to take a stroll outside from time to time, you are welcome in this group. All you need to do is love Great Swamp and want to see its waters and its lands protected from environmental harm.

And, don't forget, we don't just mean the federally protected area inside the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge--that's just 7,768 aces. We're talking about the entire Great Swamp region--35,200 acres--that are joined together by an entire system of streams, ponds, wetlands, forests, meadow, and other geographic features that form a watershed.

We will post environmentally oriented meetups here along with eco-friendly recreational events provided they take place in, impact on, or are directly related to New Jersey's Great Swamp region.

We, the primary organizers, admit up front that most of our posts will be related to the Great Swamp Watershed Association (http://www.greatswamp.org) (GSWA) where we work. That said, we'll also try to pull in events from other people and organizations.

We could use your help with that, so let us know if you want to volunteer as a co-organizer. You'll need to co-ordinate posts with us, but everything can happen remotely.

We hope you'll get more involved so we make this a truly comprehensive list of happening.

New event ideas are always welcome. Just email or post them to us.

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