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Join Explorer Chick for a Private and Exclusive Women-Only Glassblowing Workshop in Indianapolis!

What exactly is Glass Blowing?! Well, we sorta copied this from good ol’ Mother Nature! Nature was the original glassblower! Lightning strikes onto sand or rocks producing thin glass rods called Fulgurites.⚡ Moving forward to 20 BC in the middle east, it was in practice among the Phoenicians. Back when creating crude glass vessels sturdy enough to hold liquids was a great accomplishment! As practitioners became more skilled, artisans began experimenting with the creation of finely detailed and delicate blown glass that combined colors and shapes to form what amounted to works of art. Today’s glass blowing techniques echo those of the past, with skilled workers using methods of glass creation that have been passed down through the generations.

Glass by itself is pretty cool! Glass is an amorphous solid, and no, that’s not a contradiction in terms! It’s solid, but it has a molecular structure that’s random, like a liquid. This amorphous molecular structure is what makes it transparent. Pretty cool right?!

Other fun facts! You get to use terms like The Glory Hole! 🤣 In this case, the Glory Hole is referring to the furnace you heat the glass in! Where was your mind going silly! Other terms you may hear are “Gaffers” which are experienced glassblowers who’s workshops are called “Hot Shops”. Silica is melted in “Crucibles” and shaped on a “Maver”. There ya go! Sounds like fun already and we haven’t even started!

At this event, you will get to experience the art of glassblowing first hand as you make your own unique paperweight! You will learn techniques and skills such as gathering, centering, blocking, and marver. You will be taught all about the equipment and tools of the trade as well as proper shop etiquette. You will learn color application using powders and frits. When you are all finished, you will have your own piece of art to take home! 🤟

• Hands-on Instruction and Training
• Choose your colors and design
• After the cool down process, you will be able to pick up your one of a kind piece of art!
• Private Explorer Chick, small group, women only Mini Adventure.
• Exclusive and Private Explorer Chick, small group, women only event. Enjoy more fun She-Nanigans with an encouraging and supportive group of Bold women!

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