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Explorer Chick (https://explorerchick.com/) is empowering women to live their best lives. How? Through the shared experience of our kickass outdoor adventures and trips!

We provide exciting itineraries to local and global destinations, a supportive adventure-loving community, uncommon experiences, and our signature SHE-nanigans. Discover your awaiting adventure— from a local day tour, a weekend road trip, or your next travel bucket list vacation of a lifetime. Whether you arrive as a female solo traveler or with several of your closest girlfriends, you’ll be greeted by a small group of like-minded women travelers of all ages.


Explorer Chick Adventure Co. (https://explorerchick.com) is an adventure travel company offering women-only, small group travel trips, workshops, and Mini Adventures. We’re local! Born and raised in Cincinnati!

Our adventures range from local day trips (Mini Adventures) and weekend getaways, to multi-day travel bucket list hot spots all over the world! Outdoor activities on our trips include: hiking, camping, rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, canyoning, surfing and more! Basically, anything that gets us in the outdoors to be active and play.

Oh, and we think we’re the most BAD ASS group of women around! Explorer Chicks show up with open minds, willing to push their comfort zones, ready to have fun, and to be all in.

This Meetup is sponsored by Explorer Chick (http://explorerchick.com/), so there are no dues for joining! Just follow along and hopefully, embark on an adventure with us!


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We are always looking for local Explorer Chick Ambassadors to host our single day Mini Adventures in her area! Check out our Explorer Chick Ambassador page (https://explorerchick.com/about/brandambassador/) for all of the details and to apply!

Upcoming events (4+)

Backpacking for Beginners Virtual Workshop

Online event


**** Please visit the Explorer Chick website for full details and to book with the link below. Your spot is not confirmed until you do so ****


Ready to level up your day hiking adventures? Anxious to learn to camp for multiple days in the wilderness? Want to move from established campsites to the remote backcountry? We got you—and you can even wear your PJs. Learn how to backpack from the comfort of home (or wherever you get WiFi) with our live virtual online backpacking for beginners’ workshop, just for women! It’s the perfect introduction or refresher on how to go backpacking, taught by an expert Explorer Chick guide.

If you’ve booked (or are still considering) one of Explorer Chick’s backpacking trips—or heck, just want to see if backpacking is the right hobby for you—this live, two-hour workshop is an ideal introduction or next step.

Oh, and you know it’s not an Explorer Chick adventure without our classic SHE-nanigans—virtual or not! Come along as we transform your computer screen into a backpacking adventure lesson, all while you enjoy a cocktail from the comfort of the couch! You’ll even receive a few camp-inspired cocktail recipes leading up to your workshop. (Hello 👋 Punch O’ Pine, Campfire Sour, and Cranberry Margarita)

In just two-hours, learn the all the backpacking for beginner’s essentials, from pre-departure to packing up camp—and everything in between. Watch live demonstrations of packing, cooking, setting up camp, meal prep, clothing, safety, filtering water, gear, equipment, and more. Yes! Everything you need to know, without having to dig through the endless blogs, forums, and books. Or worse, have it man-splained to you by the well-meaning males in your life.

You’ll also receive a copy of our very own Backpacking Field Guide. The Field Guide covers the backpacking essentials covered in the workshop, so you’ll have a handy reference of your future camping trips.

Get Answers to Your Toughest Backpacking Questions

Should I be concerned about bears? Where can I find deals on equipment? Is it cool if I leave a big dump in the woods? Ever had these thoughts, but were too afraid to ask? Fear not! Everything you ever wanted to learn about backpacking (especially as a woman) will be answered during a reserved Q&A session. (And we LOVE to answer your questions! Even the gross stuff!) So ask away, then hit the trails as a confident and empowered backpacker. Each workshop is limited to 20 Explorer Chicks. This means a small class setting where you will feel comfortable and supported, no matter your previous outdoor experience.

See website for full details and to book.


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Yoga, Meditation + Journaling in Chillicothe OH

2467 Rocky Rd


Please visit the Explorer Chick website for full details and to book! with the link below. Your spot is not confirmed until you do so.


Too much coffee. Too little sleep. Mindless phone-scrolling or Netflix binging. Feeling bored and unfulfilled. Seems like the negative side effects of our disconnected day-to-day lifestyle can catch up with us before we know it. Lacking for many of us (probably without even realizing it) is human interaction and real conversations. That's why we've put together this Mini Adventure—to help us all become more present and experience more awareness in our everyday lives. So join us for a morning filled with yoga, meditation, journaling and the types of meaningful conversations that only happen with other Explorer Chicks (while drinking something sparkly, of course 🥂).

Yoga, Meditation and Real Connection in Nature

Think about your typical group fitness class. You walk in the door at the gym, head to your assigned space, and that's that. Sure, you might work up a good sweat—but do you ever leave feeling any more connected to yourself or the others around you? This experience is different. Coupling yoga, mediation, journaling and open conversation with the soothing backdrop of the forest, you'll learn to reconnect and rebalance.

Vinyasa Yoga Session and Guided Meditation

According to Yoga Journal, the word "vinyasa" can be translated as "arranging something in a special way." This means during our 75-minute vinyasa yoga class, each movement from pose to pose will be coordinated with the breath. Expect to be challenged during this first part of our event, but with plenty of modifications and space for them along the way. These pose adjustments make this class perfect for all experience levels. After yoga, take time to cool down on your mat with a relaxing guided meditation.

BYOB Brunch with Guided Group Journaling

Once we've completed our vinyasa yoga session, grab your packed brunch and beverages and head back to the mats for a group journaling session. We'll take the time to simply sit in this beautiful space, surrounded by nature. Be in the moment. Be with the people around you. Hear their stories—maybe even share a story or two yourself (optional)!

Group Journaling and Open Conversation

Group journaling transforms an enriching experience of solitude into a powerful experience of community. Adventure is defined as taking a risk—here the risk is in the sharing. And while there is power that comes with sharing, there is learning that comes with listening. Practice both and discover more about yourself and others along the way.
As women, we're all on a similar journey and facing many of the same obstacles. We need to come together in a healing way to empower ourselves and each other. Enough cannot be said about the positive benefits of yoga, meditation, journaling and brunch. (Especially brunch.) We hope to see and connect with you at the Dome—we're counting on you to bring the mimosas! 😉

• 75-Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class
• Guided Meditation
• Guided Group Journaling with BYOB Brunch
• Optional group sharing with real connections with real women

You must book through the website to join us on this adventure.


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Women's Baja Out to Sea Adventure

Needs a location

Cross “become besties with a whale shark in the Sea of Cortez” off your list. This women’s adventure tour to Baja, Mexico bunks you in a privately chartered boat so you can snorkel with sea lions, surf in the golden sun, and kayak amidst giggling gal pals.
Play with fish the size of a Volkswagen bus by day, sleep in a bunk anchored in the Sea of Cortez by night – yes, this is real life on your Baja, Mexico adventure!
Your time in Baja will be jam-packed with excitement as you explore Isla Espíritu Santo National Park and its neighboring islands by private boat over the course of 6 days and 5 nights.
You’ll swim with playful sea lions. You’ll come face to face swimming with the largest known fish, the majestic whale shark! You’ll learn to breathe under water with a Discover Scuba Diving day. Already a certified Scuba Diver? Fantastic! We’ve got gear you can borrow!
Yes, there’s more! You’ll learn how to surf off the shores of Todos Santos. You’ll leave behind the equipment learning the technique to dive naturally and become a Level 1 Certified Free Diver. Oh, and you bet we’ll jump into kayaks to take to the island for hiking and exploring.
Phew! At the end of each night aboard our cozy home at sea, you’ll fall asleep to the silence and tranquility anchored in a bay under a star filled sky.
Once we’re good and pruny, we’ll leave behind our floating home to clamber back on land. It’s down a dirt road for us to explore the natural pools in the Sierra de Laguna. (Yup, more water. Mermaid life forever). Your last night will be spent camping at Huertas Los Mangos in Santiago – which is fully equipped with all of your basic camping needs including a turnt up Margarita happy hour around the campfire.
• A surf lesson off the shores of the adorable, bohemian town of Todos Santos.
• Search for and snorkel with Whale Sharks in the bay of La Paz.
• Give Scuba Diving a try without the full commitment with a Discover Scuba Diving Day.
• Ditch the equipment and earn your AIDA 1 in Freediving.
• Snorkel with the fun and playful sea lions of Los Islotes.
• Explore the sea caves and beaches of Baja California.
• Hike the Sierra de Laguna discovering natural swimming holes.
• Enjoy the tranquility and solace of the sea.
• Free range use of on-board water equipment aboard our private vessel including kayaks and snorkel gear.
• Live a life at sea aboard a privately chartered boat with a small group of women-only Explorer Chicks.
• Enjoy an evening of camping under the stars around a bonfire with a happy hour and authentic Mexican dinner.
• Meals – All of your meals are included from Lunch on Day 1 through Lunch on Day 7: B-6, L-7, D-6
• Relax with a comprehensive itinerary that makes the logistics of arrival, departure, and everything between easy
• Private Explorer Chick, small group, women only tour. Embark on your adventure with an encouraging and supportive bold women!

Save $300 until 7/1/2021
Code: BajaWinter2022

See website for full details and to book.


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Canaan Valley West Virginia Winter Weekend

Needs a location

Become part of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Parka as you enjoy the best winter sports in the East. We’ll explore West Virginia’s mountainous Canaan Valley via snowshoe. Glide past frozen waterfalls, ice curtains, and rivers in Blackwater Falls State Park.

Next, spend a day learning how to cross-country ski with with over 1,200 feet of vertical gains and 60+ km of trail length. Glide through frozen landscapes and white-capped mountain vistas.

Then, slow it down with relaxing evenings in the colorful towns of Thomas and Davis, WV as we enjoy local eateries, live music, and microbreweries. #adventurethencocktails Each night is spent in a cozy State Park lodge with views of Blackwater Gorge.
Every day of our long weekend together will be filled with outdoor activities! Embrace the winter weather and have the best snow days ever on this Winter Weekend Adventure in Canaan Valley, WV!

Adventure Highlights:
• Enjoy West Virginia’s mountainous Canaan Valley while experiencing the best winter sports in the East!
• Navigate through snowy landscapes by snowshoe to frozen waterfalls, ice curtains, and rivers in Blackwater Falls State Park
• Learn to cross-country ski enjoying a variety of terrain and elevation with over 1,200 feet of vertical rise and over 60 km of cross-country ski trails
• Slow down with relaxing evenings in the colorful towns of Thomas and Davis, WV as we enjoy local eateries, live music, and microbreweries.
• Spend each night in a comfortable, State Park lodge with views of Blackwater Gorge
• Geek out with encouraging and supportive Explorer Chicks on a private, women-only, small group adventure tour.

Activity Level: Moderate
This winter adventure is rated moderate and focused on a variety of outdoor, winter activities. We’ll be outside every day in a variety of winter elements snowshoeing and cross-country skiing while exploring Canaan Valley. You should train your body to be outside for hours at a time bundled up and staying active. To get the most from your Adventure we recommend having a solid fitness base with training on the trails and inclines in a variety of weather conditions. Train how you play!

Early Bird Discount: $200
Expires: 9/1/2021
Discount Code: WVWinter2022

See website for full details and to book.

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