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Looking for a community of adventure loving, boundary pushing, encouraging women to explore the world with?

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Explorer Chick is a 2022 Travel and Leisure World’s Best Tour Operator changing the lives of thousands with our supportive community formed organically by the women who have traveled all over the world with us on our small-group adventure travel tours.

What we got here is a happy by-product of Real Women embarking on Real Adventures. Women bonded together by challenging themselves in the outdoors. Women who naturally encouraged one another and connected right away. Women who live to LIVE. ⁠ 
🦸‍♀️ The friendships are REAL. ⁠ 
🦸‍♀️ The vulnerability on the trails is REAL. ⁠ 
🦸‍♀️ The empowerment is REAL. ⁠ 
🦸‍♀️ The personal growth is REAL. ⁠ 
🦸‍♀️ The cuss words, inside jokes, and SHE-naningans are REAL. ⁠ 

And we’ve been doing it since 2014! That year, Explorer Chick founder, Nicki Bruckmann was a wife, cat mom and home owner who worked full-time in corporate finance. Instead of feeling fulfilled by ticking all the boxes, she found herself feeling stifled. She made the choice to break away from it all and step out of that life. To figure things out, she needed a vacation reset. But not just any vacation. She wanted something that would feed her adventurous soul and push boundaries. But the thing about divorce? You lose that built-in travel buddy. Believing that other women must also be in the same situation; craving adventure and travel and not wanting to do it all alone, she launched Explorer Chick! Check out the whole story here. Launching in 2015, Explorer Chick ran one trip with three bold ladies looking for adventure. From there, this amazing community of women continues to grow, and in 2022 more than 1100 women traveled with us on 133 trips over 5 continents! 

Whether you arrive as a solo traveler or with several of your closest gal pals, you’ll be greeted by a group of like-minded women travelers of all ages who love to go hiking, camping, rafting, backpacking, canyoning, surfing, kayaking, climbing and more. Basically, we’re all in on anything that gets us outdoors and active!

We travel the US National Parks and bucket list destinations like Iceland, Jordan, Galapagos, Croatia, Uganda and so many more.

The best part? You are taken care of by Explorer Chick’s professional, certified guides. They handle all the details: from food to accommodations to gear and extra words of encouragement when you need them the most. Leaving you to simply “mindlessly wander”.
“Okay, so how do I join Explorer Chick?” ⁠ 

It’s easy!

We’re not a club. There are no dues. You can simply engage with us on any of our social media (linked below), send us an email, introduce yourself in our Facebook group, learn what we’re really about on our Google reviews, or go big and book your next adventure on our website.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Croatia Hiking National Parks and Multisport Adventure Tour

Get ready to have your mind blown multiple times over turquoise waters, frothing waterfalls, badass mountain summits, and medieval towns. Croatia will turn anyone into an annoying romantic. Book your week-long women’s multi-sport adventure tour featuring hiking, e-biking, mountain-summiting, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and plenty of Adriatic Sea swimming. You’ll explore ancient cities tripping through architectural history from ancient Roman, Venetian Gothic, Romanesque, and Medieval. Cycle through stupid-pretty Istrian Peninsula hilltop towns. Bust your booties through Plitvice Lakes and Paklenica National Parks. Climb a freaking Via Ferrata to summit Bojin Kuk. And float through the 80+ islands that make up Kornati National Park. BRB we need to pick our jaw up from off the ground.


You and your Explorer Chick entourage will geek over all the architecture porn – from medieval stone gates to Gothic cathedrals. We’ll visit all the “musts” and gather for a welcome dinner in the Old Town. Did you just change your Insta handle to Croatia_Cutie? We are obsessed with you!


What could be better than seeing tiny cutie towns? TASTING the wares of those tiny cutie towns! We’ll cruise the Parenzana trail on our E-Bikes, stopping in Grožnjan, Oprtalj, and Motovun for coffee, olive oil tastings, and a spectacular lunch. By evening, we’ll cycle to the top of Motovun for a stunning gargoyle view of the Adriatic cities. You won’t leave Istria without loading your bike down with bottles of wine and a tummy full of truffles.


You’re gonna see the kind of natural beauty that shows up in the screensavers of Apple products. The Instagram world is stark raving mad over Plitvice Lakes because of its unique system of lakes and waterfalls. A rock climbing and hiking paradise awaits you in Paklenica National Park with views of the Adriatic Sea from your very own mountain summit.


The best views of this gorgeous region are often gleaned from the sea. Across two days, we’ll explore the island systems via speedboat and sea-kayak, leaving plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling, and floating otter-style on your back. You are basically a mermaid now and have to deal with mermaid things like schools of fish, coral spottings and island lunches. You poor thing.

Adventure Highlights:

  • E-Bike through Croatia’s “Tuscany” tasting Wine, Olive Oil, and Truffles along the way
  • Discover charming hilltop medieval towns on the Istria Peninsula
  • Truffle Hunt with a local in the forests of Motovun
  • Hike the lower and upper falls of the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Soak in sunsets over the Adriatic from beautiful viewpoints
  • Climb a Via Ferrata to the summit of Bojin Kuk in Paklenica National Park
  • Enjoy the background music of Zadar’s Sea Organ at sunset
  • Explore Kornati National Park by speedboat with swimming, snorkeling, and a seafood lunch
  • Sea Kayak to a secluded beach off Split with more swimming, snorkeling, and cliff jumping
  • Get lost in the narrow streets of Split while enjoying a cone of gelato or a glass of wine
  • Kick back in 3-4 Star boutique hotels throughout your adventure with fabulous views that pair well with a cocktail
  • Relax with a comprehensive itinerary that makes everything in-between easy.
  • Geek out with encouraging and supportive Explorer Chicks on a private, women-only, small group adventure tour.

See the website for full details and to book.

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💻 Website: https://explorerchick.com/
📧 Email: [masked]
📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explorerchickadventureco/
❤️ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/
👯‍♀️ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weareexplorerchick
🎥 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@explorerchick

Great Smoky Mountains Hiking and Glamping Weekend

Great Smoky Mountains

Join us on our Great Smoky Mountains Hiking & Glamping Weekend for women only! Enjoy four days of sweeping mountain vistas, a private whiskey tour, forest hikes, and more. Spend a long weekend with a small group of women hiking the best trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (including parts of the Appalachian Trail). Luxuriate with nightly glamping near Gatlinburg, TN.

Your hiking adventure has been carefully (obsessively?) curated by the Explorer Chick team over countless in-field tests. Only our top treks make the itinerary. Prepare to be challenged on the trail and rewarded with the most OMFG-level mountain views and waterfalls.


Stride through sweet-smelling pine forests to reach sweeping panoramic vistas with a girl gang you’d trust more than Paul Bunyan. Climb to only one of three remaining fire towers in the National Park when you embark on the strenuous trek up Mt. Cammerer. You can take it “easy” on a moderate hike to the park’s highest single-drop waterfall, Rainbow Falls. Then, inch out to a bald rock outcropping on Charlie’s Bunion to get your heart hammered by mountain scenery in every direction. Walk in the foot path of thousands of Appalachian Trail thru hikers that have come before you on two hikes. Your Insta feed won’t know what hit it. Yes, this is real life with WILD women.


Of course, what’s a trip to Tennessee without whiskey? You’ll spend a few hours on an exclusive, private tour with our local guide visiting distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. Go behind the scenes at a real working still house and see how everything is made start to finish. Learn the history of whiskey throughout the Prohibition era, the state’s romance with whiskey, and why these mountains were such an integral part of moonshine culture.


Each night, put your feet up in total Pinterest-worthy digs at our adorable glamping site minutes from Gatlinburg. You will sleep in a tent that has been tastefully decorated and luxuriously appointed with WiFi and temperature control – with meals freshly prepared at camp by your Explorer Chick guides. You only have one task after hiking: RELAX.

It’s a wonderfully wild weekend with a small group of women hiking the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Over the course of the long weekend, you’ll quickly grow close with your posse of Explorer Chicks as you hike the trails and share memories of summits.

See the website for full itinerary, details and to book.

Say Hello 👋

💻 Website: https://explorerchick.com/
📧 Email: [masked]
📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explorerchickadventureco/
❤️ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/
👯‍♀️ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weareexplorerchick
🎥 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@explorerchick

Backpacking for Beginners Virtual Workshop

Online event


**** Please visit the Explorer Chick website for full details and to book with the link below. Your spot is not confirmed until you do so ****


Ready to level up your day hiking adventures? Anxious to learn to camp for multiple days in the wilderness? Want to move from established campsites to the remote backcountry? We got you—and you can even wear your PJs. Learn how to backpack from the comfort of home (or wherever you get WiFi) with our live virtual online backpacking for beginners’ workshop, just for women! It’s the perfect introduction or refresher on how to go backpacking, taught by an expert Explorer Chick guide.

If you’ve booked (or are still considering) one of Explorer Chick’s backpacking trips—or heck, just want to see if backpacking is the right hobby for you—this live, two-hour workshop is an ideal introduction or next step.

Oh, and you know it’s not an Explorer Chick adventure without our classic SHE-nanigans—virtual or not! Come along as we transform your computer screen into a backpacking adventure lesson, all while you enjoy a cocktail from the comfort of the couch! You’ll even receive a few camp-inspired cocktail recipes leading up to your workshop. (Hello 👋 Punch O’ Pine, Campfire Sour, and Cranberry Margarita)

In just two-hours, learn the all the backpacking for beginner’s essentials, from pre-departure to packing up camp—and everything in between. Watch live demonstrations of packing, cooking, setting up camp, meal prep, clothing, safety, filtering water, gear, equipment, and more. Yes! Everything you need to know, without having to dig through the endless blogs, forums, and books. Or worse, have it man-splained to you by the well-meaning males in your life.

You’ll also receive a copy of our very own Backpacking Field Guide. The Field Guide covers the backpacking essentials covered in the workshop, so you’ll have a handy reference of your future camping trips.

Get Answers to Your Toughest Backpacking Questions

Should I be concerned about bears? Where can I find deals on equipment? Is it cool if I leave a big dump in the woods? Ever had these thoughts, but were too afraid to ask? Fear not! Everything you ever wanted to learn about backpacking (especially as a woman) will be answered during a reserved Q&A session. (And we LOVE to answer your questions! Even the gross stuff!) So ask away, then hit the trails as a confident and empowered backpacker. Each workshop is limited to 20 Explorer Chicks. This means a small class setting where you will feel comfortable and supported, no matter your previous outdoor experience.

See website for full details and to book.


Join the Facebook Event to meet Explorer Chicks from other cities!


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Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop

Red River Gorge

This Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop is a hands-on, fully immersive experience in the great outdoors. Over the course of two days, join other women and learn how to backpack in beautiful Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

Yes, your dreams of hiking to a faraway, remote land to spend a few days camping and living in the wild surrounded by mountains can come true! We want you to be able to backpack freely in the wild at your every whim armed with the skills, knowledge, and experience to do so! So welcome to your outdoor classroom: the Red River Gorge Geological Area.


AKA: This is ain’t no free class at your local outfitter. This is REAL backpacking with you doing all the things: packing, hiking with a full pack, cooking, setting up camp, hanging a bear bag, filtering water, asking a million questions, and if you’re real lucky pooping in the woods 💩—with a supportive group of women and one of our expert guides. That means when you inevitably mess up, no need to feel embarrassed. When you question if you’re doing something correctly, your guide can help you. Let’s learn together in the outdoors, so when it’s time for your big adventure you’ll already have legit, backcountry experience.


It all goes down in beautiful Eastern Kentucky. With the Red River Gorge hiking trails leading to an abundance of natural bridges, sandstone cliffs, rock shelters, and sandstone arches, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful location to teach you how to backpack in the wilderness.


The best part? We’ll lend you the essential gear to get started! Every Explorer Chick will be provided with a:

  • backpack
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • shared two-person tent
  • shared cooking equipment
  • water filtration

Yep! Give backpacking and camping a try before investing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars into it. Try out our gear to learn what features you like and dislike. Ask your guide about other brands. Seriously, this workshop is all about learning while connecting to other adventurous, rad women!

See the website for full itinerary, details and to book.

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💻 Website: https://explorerchick.com/
📧 Email: [masked]
📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explorerchickadventureco/
❤️ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/
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Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop

Red River Gorge