Hocking Hills Night Flight Rappelling


Join Explorer Chick for an Exclusive, Women-Only Night Flight Rappelling Mini Adventure in Hocking Hills!

You’ll experience a Night Flight Rappel down towering cliffs under the cover of darkness! Hike up at sunset, then embark on 2 different rappels from the top of incredible sandstone cliffs. This adventure will include a night hike that will be over a mile long including up and down hills and between colossal rock formations.

You’ll be greeted at beautiful High Rock House by your Explorer Chick Ambassador. Then your rappelling guide will run through a safety briefing and tour instructions. After gearing up, we’ll head out!
On your way to the rappelling areas, your guide will share interesting tidbits about native plants, trees and the geology that make the Hocking Hills so stunning!

At each rappel, you will have two expert Guides: one top side and one below, to instruct you as you lower yourself down the rock face!

With rappels beginning at 35 ft and up to nearly 100 ft, this tour is a great blend of nature and adrenaline!

No experience?! No worries!! This is a perfect event to get your toes wet and wanting more! Rappelling is less physically demanding than rock climbing, but doesn’t sacrifice any excitement!

• Get a taste of outdoor rappelling surrounded by the natural beauty of Hocking Hills
• You’ll experience up to three different types of rappels
o 35-foot flat wall rappel
o 65-foot breathtaking rock canyon rappel
o Pride Rock a big Overhang rappel is just under 100 feet which allows you to flip upside down toward the bottom for an added thrill!
• NIGHT HIKE that will be over a mile long including up and down hills and between towering rock formations
• Learn about the native plants and geology of Hocking Hills
• Exclusive and Private Explorer Chick, small group, women only tour. Embark on your adventure with an encouraging and supportive group of Bold women!

You must book through the website to join us on this adventure. Full details are there as well.


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