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Calling all Chicks who dig the Outdoor, Adventurous life and Travel!

Explorer Chick (https://explorerchick.com/) is an Adventure Travel Company that offers Women-Only, Small Group Trips, Work Shops, and Mini’s in the outdoors.

Our adventures are endless including hiking, camping, rafting, backpacking, road trips, canyoning, surfing and more! Basically, anything that gets us in the outdoors or being active and Playing!

Our destinations range from local Mini Adventures to weekends in the woods, and bucket list hot spots like Iceland and Machu Picchu.

Oh, and we think we’re the most BAD ASS tribe of Women around!

This Meetup is sponsored by Explorer Chick Adventure Co (http://explorerchick.com/). So, there are no dues for joining our Meetup! Just follow along and hopefully, embark on an adventure with us!

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Virtual Photography Workshop with a Pro: Smartphone

Online event

Join Explorer Chick for an exclusive virtual photography workshop with professional adventure photographer Jeff Bartlett. Fire up your laptop and pour your favorite boozy concoction for a 90-minute Zoom workshop presentation. Throughout, Jeff will cover both how to take better images and how to edit them without getting lost in photo jargon. Simplicity, yay! You will leave with a list of 10 tips and tricks that you can put into immediate use for your next hike on the trail or bucket list worldly adventure. A 45 minute Q&A session will follow the presentation, so start jotting down all those questions. At the end, Jeff will offer a photography challenge that encourages you get outside and put these skills to use. You also have the option to add on a 30-minute 1-on-1 images review where you can discuss your photography and how to improve it. While no experience is needed to participate, we’re offering programs for different types of photographers. The tips and tricks remain largely the same, however navigating them on the camera is quite different. This is the Smartphone Edition – So if you travel with just your smartphone camera, this workshop is for you. If you’re carrying a point-and-shoot or a DSLR in your day pack, then head on over to the Camera Edition. So, who is this Jeff guy anyways? He’s an exceedingly talented adventure photographer and filmmaker based in Canmore, Alberta. Need proof? Check out his Instagram and his portfolio pictured to the right. {We’ll wait….} His career has taken him all over the world as he works exclusively on adventure travel campaigns for companies like Eddie Bauer, Salsa Cycles, Ecuador Tourism, and Travel Alberta. Most recently, he released the short adventure film, Choosing to Live. He’s also led his own photography workshops on 5 continents with annual courses in Scotland and the Faroe Islands. ADVENTURE HIGHLIGHTS • Learn from a professional adventure travel photographer wherever you find Wifi • Practical advice you can put into immediate practice • Photography examples from many of Explorer Chick’s bucket list trip destinations • One-on-One consult available for those looking for more • Connect with the Explorer Chick community from around the country and globe Join the Facebook Event to virtually meet other Explorer Chicks! https://www.facebook.com/events/893127471150742/ Don't forget to follow Explorer Chick on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/ We’re on Instagram as well! https://www.instagram.com/explorerchickadventureco/

Virginia Hiking and Survival 101

Needs a location

Make your Appalachian Trail dreams a reality hiking to three of the most iconic mountain summits along the trail in Catawba, Virginia – Dragon’s Tooth, McAfee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs. Then rest your legs as you learn hands-on basic wilderness survival skills in an outdoor, immersive setting. Over the course of a long weekend you’ll hike the Appalachian Trail to enjoy the best views and learn wilderness survival skills on this 4 Day Women-only, Small Group Adventure Tour in Virginia. You’ll kick off your adventure on Thursday arriving to our lodge in the woods in the late afternoon. Your feet won’t be settled for long as we gear up to tick off the first jewel in the crown: Dragon’s Tooth. It’s the shortest of the three hikes, but the most exciting as you scramble up rocks and via ferrata type ladders to reach the summit and the huge monolith stretching to the sky on the summit. Feeling daring? Climb up the monolith for 360 degree views of the valley below. The next morning, you’ll embark on your hike with the most elevation gain – Tinker Cliffs. It’s a beautiful hike that takes you a across a field where you’ll be able to stare way up to our goal. It’s a lovely hike through the “Green Tunnel” with a gnarly steep section before you connect with the Appalachian Trail to reach the summit. Then you get to kick back, break out that sandwich, and bask in the view of the next day’s summit: McAfee Knob. On Saturday morning, we’ll take a short hike to our outdoor classroom where we’ll spend the day learning and practicing wilderness survival skills. You’ll want to grab a notebook and a pen to scratch down some notes. Throughout the day you’ll learn a variety of knots, how to construct a few types of wilderness shelters, how to start and feed a fire even in the rain, and which bugs are the tastiest for eating! 🦗 Yes, it is completely hands-on. You will be building fires and shelters all with a supportive group of like-minded, fun women In the evening, we’ll hit a mall walker’s stride as we jump on the trail to catch one of the best sunsets. The hustle up the mountain is totally worth the burning quads as you rest your hiker booty and kick your legs off the edge of the world on McAfee’s Knob. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail. (And, one of our favorites!). You’ll end your 4 days in a wilderness paradise tying up our survival class time reviewing first aid, water purification, and anything that we missed the day before. If the group is up for it, we have a bonus hike with an incredible waterfall at the end. We’ll say Good-bye Sunday afternoon, after refueling our bodies and chowing down at a local eatery. You’ll be resting your head at a beautiful lodge nestled in Catawba,Virginia. It lays at the base of the mountains surrounded by woods without another trace of humanity in sight. You’ll call the place home with freedom to stretch your legs on the lawn soaking up the sun after hiking, sharing stories around a campfire, or knocking back a few beers in the communal area. And, food! Your dinners and breakfasts will be home-cooked goodness served up on a plate! (Don’t worry! Bugs are optional and not on the menu!) It’s a wonderfully wild weekend with a small group of women hiking the Appalachian Trail and learning wilderness survival tactics. Over the course of the 4 days you’ll quickly grow close with your posse of Explorer Chicks as you hike the trails and share memories of summits. Join us on our 4 Day, weekend women’s hiking trip to experience it yourself! $200 Early Bird Discount code EBVA061120 Expires 02/01/2020 See website for full details and to book. https://explorerchick.com/adventures/virginia-hiking-survival-101/ Join the Facebook Event to meet Explorer Chicks from other cities! https://www.facebook.com/events/696451734130261/ Don't forget to follow Explorer Chick on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/

Women's Red River Gorge Backpacking Adventure

Needs a location

Learn how to backpack with our small group, women only backpacking workshop in the Red River Gorge. Have you ever dreamed of hiking to a faraway, remote land to spend a few days camping and living in the wild surrounded by mountains? We have! And, we want you to be able to live freely in the wild at your every whim armed with the skills and experience to do so! We’ll meet you in the Red River Gorge to spend 2 days teaching you the fundamentals of backpacking with plenty of hands-on experience. With it’s abundance of natural bridges, sandstone cliffs, rock shelters, and arches, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful location to teach you how to backpack in the wilderness. The best part? We’ll lend you the essential Gear to get started! Every Explorer Chick will be provided with a Backpack, a Sleeping Bag, a Sleeping Pad, and a shared 2 person tent. We’ll provide all of the meals beginning with Saturday lunch through our Sunday closing lunch at a Red River Gorge local eatery. As for the rest of the gear, you’ll be provided with a packing list. Workshop Highlights: • Explore the many Arches, Sandstone cliffs, Natural Bridges, and Rock Shelters in the Red River Gorge. • Receive a hands-on experience with a small group of women guided by the Explorer Chick experts. You’ll be able to ask all of your questions, practice your skills as often as necessary, and get personal attention without feeling awkward or embarrassed! • Borrow the expensive gear giving you the opportunity to learn all about Backpacking and the required gear before investing in your own! • Spend two days meeting and becoming friends with a fabulous group of outdoor adventure lovin’ women! • Optional day hike to Iconic Landmarks in the Red River Gorge on Sunday • Eat Picnic lunches surrounded by the natural beauty of Red River Gorge. • End your Outdoor Adventure with our closing lunch at a local Red River Gorge eatery. Go home with a full belly and a happy heart! Early Bird Discount Savings: $20 Expires: May 1, 2020 Discount Code: REDSUMMER2020 See website for full details and to book. https://explorerchick.com/adventures/red-river-gorge-backpacking-workshop/ Join the Facebook Event to meet Explorer Chicks from other cities! https://www.facebook.com/events/830141290818884/ Don't forget to follow Explorer Chick on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/ We’re on Instagram as well! https://www.instagram.com/explorerchickadventureco/

West Virginia Wild Rafting and Camping Adventure

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Explorer Chick Wild is an inspiring weekend dedicated to that inner Wild residing in all Women! You’ll gather with dozens of rad chicks for a women-only weekend of mountaintop camping, endless adventures, whitewater rafting, and more! It all goes down at the exclusive Explorer Chick Mountaintop Camp on the Ace Adventure Resort property. You’ll bring your camping gear to share a space with perfect strangers (but not for long!). It’s just a short drive from Explorer Chick Camp to limitless adventure in the New River Gorge including lakes, rivers, rock faces, hiking, and mountain bike trails. Ace Adventure Resort is home to miles of hiking and mountain biking trails for you to explore. We kick off the weekend on Thursday with check-in’s, taking time to set up your camp, and commencing Wild with a Welcome Dinner. Friday is your Free Day! You’ll have the option to add Half Day and Full Day guided adventures including rock climbing, kayaking, SUP, boating, caving, and ziplining. Got your own gear and expertise? Then meet up with other Explorer Chicks to embark on your own adventures in the New River Gorge! On Friday evening we’ll have an inspiring Keynote Speaker TBA sharing her story with the Explorer Chicks while we chow down on dinner. On Saturday morning Explorer Chicks take to the New River for an adrenaline pumping full day whitewater rafting adventure! The New River won’t know what hit it when boats loaded full of Explorer Chicks go head to head with Stage 5 Rapids! Bring it on! We’ll share our final meal together on Saturday night to watch our rafting movie (starring you!) and reliving our rafting adventure! All weekend, you’ll have access to the Wonderland Water Park, ACE’s inflatable water park located on the property. In one word: Blob! It’s what childhood summer camp dreams are made of! Each night you’ll retell stories around a raging bonfire with your newest friends! (S’mores included!) Sunday is the saddest day of the weekend, departure. We’ll pack up camp, share hugs, and say our, “See you laters!” To join the party, you’ll need to register for your spot! At check out, you’ll have the option to add guided adventures on Friday to pack more adventure into your weekend. Please keep in mind space is limited on the optional excursions. Adventure Highlights • Meet up with Explorer Chicks you traveled with in the past or experience Explorer Chick for the very first time! • Whitewater raft the Lower New River tackling up to Stage 5 rapids • Cool off and play like a kid at the Inflatable Water park including the Blob • Every evening gather with Explorer Chicks for a picnic style community dinner • Be inspired Friday night with an Outdoors Woman keynote speaker (TBA) • Unwind each night around the bonfire roasting marshmallows and sipping, well, whatever! • Whether traveling solo or in a group, you’ll quickly forge new friendships with outdoor adventurous women! • Crank up your weekend with optional adventures including Rock climbing, Caving, SUP, Boating, Kayaking, or Zip lining. • Explore the New River Gorge on your own or with other Explorer Chicks – Hiking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Swimming, and more! $30 off base price until 3/01/2020 Promo code WILD2020 See website for full details and to book. https://explorerchick.com/adventures/west-virginia-wild/ Join the Facebook Event to meet Explorer Chicks from other cities! https://www.facebook.com/events/890003664676999/ Don't forget to follow Explorer Chick on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/ExplorerChickAdventureCo/

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