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This group is for those who want to expand their personal universe in ways that are beyond words, through the art and science of energy mastery! Discover ways to access your sources of ecstatic energy, and share it in a conscious way in your intimate relationships and your everyday life. Energy mastery allows us to heal our wounds and to create an ecstatic life of limitless possibilities.

Have you ever wanted to be able to find a place where you can journey back home into your body? To discover powerful tools and practices that will make you magnetic and irresistible to the opposite sex, bringing love and ecstasy into your life?

It is our birthright to be fully embodied and present to feel our body and our senses in each moment. This opens the door to true intimacy and authentic connection with ourselves, our lovers and those close to us. It changes the way we experience the daily challenges of relationships and living in the world.

In this experiential meetup you will explore interactions of masculine and feminine energy fields. Guided by Yuliya Cohen, a world-renowned healer, teacher and energy coach, you will learn to see and feel energy fields and become aware of the dynamics of energy flow. You will take home skills for consciously working with energies to enhance the energetic exchange between you and your partner. As you draw upon specific universal principles rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science, you will finally be able to heal your wounds and leave what does not work behind.

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