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In this meetup group we will learn how to access the realms of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.

A lucid dream is a dream where we are conscious and can exercises free will, and an astral projection experience is an out of body experience where where our awareness moves beyond the boundaries of physical sense perception.

Through moving through a progressive path of meditation, yogic exercises, creative work and certain techniques, if your higher self gives you the green card, you will gain access to these two exciting and liberating practices.

Through these discipline we will learn how to access and bring into fruition our deepest energy bodies and potential and will open up to new realms of wisdom and perception.

We will run workshops, one and two day retreats and will also host social events.

This meetup group is facilitated under the wider soulremember.com banner.

I have written two books; The Initiation: A Progressive Spiritual Manual (available at https://tinyurl.com/luymlzu ) and Kundalini: The Path to Regain the Divine (available at https://tinyurl.com/y7c2t7l9 )

These sessions are run under the www.soulremember.com (http://www.soulremember.com/) collective, and sometimes by the Bristol Spiritual Collective Team https://www.facebook.com/bristolspiritualcollective/

Warmly Tom Llewellyn





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Lucid Dreaming, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing Immersive Tee-Pee Retreat

Lucid Dreaming, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing Immersive Tee-Pee Retreat ==Our Invitation== Have you ever wanted to practice lucid dreaming? but haven't perhaps known the road map that shows you how to reach this state? or had the opportunity to have a spacious joyful time among like minded people, to help you really go deep into this practice? ==What to Expect== This event will be an opportunity to go deep and spend a good amount of time exploring the practices that allow lucid dreaming to arise. It will also hold the focus of lucid dreaming around a deep commitment to a regular practice of meditation and yoga. This event will be an immersive retreat and take place deep in nature in the lovely Harmony Woods, on the outskirts of Bath near Bathford. At the special location, which has a wonderful large tee-pee, fire pit spaces and kitchen areas, there will also be an opportunity to refresh our limbs through river swimming. There will be some transport and lift space available from Bristol for those that cannot easily access the special location. ==What's Included== - Simple Opening Ritual - Specially designed cycle of Meditations - Hatha yoga sessions and Kundalini Yoga Kriyas - Breathwork - Fun Intuition and Mindfulness Development Games - Lucid Dream Talks - Wake and Back to Bed Technique (increased your chance of having a lucid dream by 2000%) - Juices and Vegan Cooking -Vegan Cuisine also available (lunch and dinner on Sat- Porridge and Fruit on Sunday Morn) (paid for separately at £18 per person) payable via paypal to [masked] - Mugwort Tea will also be provided - Simple Closing Ritual - Open fires and fires in Tee-Pee with communal optional chanting Price General Admission £45 Low wage or unwaged £33 Sat Day Ticket £22 Other tickets payable via paypal to [masked] or via bank transfer to thomas llewellyn /[masked] /[masked] A full schedule will be posted soon. Social distancing will be in operation.

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