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Lucid Dreaming, Yoga and Sound Bath Sleepover Workshop
Come and learn about how we can transform the night hours into a time of conscious spiritual practice and exploration.... The immersive workshop, held at the lovely 238 Space Yoga Studio, will span the length of 12 hours, eve, night and early morn, and will include instruction and guidance on the art of lucid dreaming, relaxation, lucid dreaming induction meditation, Kundalini Yoga with Tom (, a Sound Bath with Andrew Ford ( and Lena Leszczyc. ( The draft schedule for the night will be as follows: - 8.00 pm Entry to event with tea provided - 8.15pm-8.20pm Intro in main studio with tuning in and overview of nights schedule - 8.20pm-9.10pm Accessible Kundalini Yoga Class with Tom - 9.10pm- 9.55pm Introduction to Lucid Dreaming and Guided Meditation with Tom -[masked]pm break - 10.00pm-11.00pm Sound Bath with Andrew Ford and Lena - 11.00pm-3.00am sleep with 15 mins of subtle Gong - 3.00am-3.40am Gentle Yoga, Pranayama and Lucid Dream Induction Meditation - 3.40am-7am Guided meditation back into sleep and lucid dreaming practice opportunity - 7.00am-8am Gentle stretches, sharing dream reports, sharing of Fruit, closing ceremony. This workshops is suitable for both experienced lucid dreamers and those completely new to it. After booking on the event you will given an information sheet about lucid dreaming, and after the event there will also be a sheet with some additional advice. The workshop will allow you to really explore the art of 'night practice' and the inner illumination that can manifest, when we practice not only through the day, but also during the hours of the night. The event is not only for those with experience of or an interest in lucid dreams. The event will help anyone wishing to connect more with their dreaming experience. We will sleep in the studio but will also get up at certain times of the night to practice... doing this increases the chances of having a lucid dream or similar experience by 15-20 times (according to PHD research by Stephen Laberge).See for example: The cost of the event is £24 or £19 concession (low wage or unwaged payable directly through eventbrite, paypal to [masked] or by direct bank transfer, thomas llewellyn, coop,[masked],[masked]). There is an option to come on the event from 8pm-11.00pm. Ticket price and booking is same as for those that are staying all night. Booking is required before the event, and a small information email will be sent you about the event with some simple questions to answer. Tom's book The Initiation, which contains a chapter in it on lucid dreaming will be available at the event at 25% discount for attendees. Please bring a pillow, blanket, sleeping bag or (duvet etc), and anything that will make your sleeping experience comfortable for you. There are plenty of yoga mats at the studio. Tom Llewellyn, who is helping to run this event has written a book called The Initiation: A Progressive Spiritual Manual, which has a substantial chapter in it about the practice of Lucid Dreaming. The book is available at:

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Space 238

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What we're about

In this meetup group we will learn how to access the realms of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.

A lucid dream is a dream where we are conscious and can exercises free will, and an astral projection experience is an out of body experience where where our awareness moves beyond the boundaries of physical sense perception.

Through moving through a progressive path of meditation, yogic exercises, creative work and certain techniques, if your higher self gives you the green card, you will gain access to these two exciting and liberating practices.

Through these discipline we will learn how to access and bring into fruition our deepest energy bodies and potential and will open up to new realms of wisdom and perception.

We will run workshops, one and two day retreats and will also host social events.

This meetup group is facilitated under the wider banner.

I have written two books; The Initiation: A Progressive Spiritual Manual (available at ) and Kundalini: The Path to Regain the Divine (available at )

These sessions are run under the ( collective, and sometimes by the Bristol Spiritual Collective Team

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