Spiritual Self-Defense - How to Protect Yourself from Negative People & Places!

Exploring Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, Healing & Everything Else
Exploring Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, Healing & Everything Else
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(located on the right as you go up the hill past Huntsville Hospital… ** Look for the large black overhanging street sign over Governor’s Drive and turn immediately to the right under the sign and travel up the driveway to the Church**)

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Exploring Mind, Body, Heart, Soul & Healing -Everything Else - PRESENTS!

Speaker: Teacher/Lecturer - LaMont Hamilton

"Spiritual Self-Defense - How to protect yourself from negative people & Places"

This Spiritual Protection presentation provides participants with the tools, techniques, and connections to enable individuals to protect one’s personal space, objects, and sacred space like bedrooms, businesses, or houses from malevolent or intruding outside (or inside) influences. These influences or negative forces may be minor in nature, or they can be quite powerful. Energetic Protection may be needed if an individual has been subjected to negative influences, or it may be employed to prevent harmful influences from having an effect in the first place.

Malevolent or negative intruding influences, often termed psychic attacks, may come from a variety of sources. They may arise in the physical or Spiritual realms or they may come from the subtle realms such as the astral plane. They may come directly from other people, physical keepsakes and artifacts, or they may arise from non-physical - Spiritual entities. These influences could also
be unconsciously empowered by emotional or mental properties, or they may be more sophisticated well thought out metaphysical or karmic principles and powers.

Spiritual Protection techniques are designed to be used when the consciousness behind the attack, whether it be person or spirit, is intruding into the individual's space or the physical space to be protected. If the intruding spirit or aspect of a person enters within one's personal space like within a physical space such a house, then other methods need to be used. If some aspect of a person like an attachment has linked onto another individual, then trans-medium healing or clearing could be employed to remove the attachment.

This Spiritual Protection lecture provides various methods, techniques, and tools to perform Spiritual Protection. A variety of approaches are required to deal with different types of situations. Secondly, the individual who is under a psychic or metaphysical attack may, for various reasons - past life or other, may harmonize better with some tools or methods than others. Third, Spiritual people may also be more attuned to certain tools and techniques. It is advised that everyone practice the different techniques, but use those which prove the most valuable, possibly leaving the others to a future time when the demands of a person or situation require additional methods.

Traits of a Psychic Attack:

* Depression, apathy, Self-hate or constant self-criticism.
* Hostility toward strangers or those you love.
* Sudden mood changes from normal to frustrated.
* Out of touch Feeling of being unsafe and not knowing why.
* Unusually defensive and running into others looking for an argument.
* A sense of shadows moving around body or room.
* Hearing Buzzing sounds or Inner talk that is mean spirited.
* Being Accident prone for no apparent reason.
* Odd smells like old paper, cigarettes, or food.

* Feeling of darkness, heaviness, depression.
* Feeling like something is wrong inside, but you can’t understand why.
* Nothing you think of can make you happy sometimes.
* Thoughts that do not seem like your own, especially in Bad dreams.

What we will cover:

* Why do we pick up negative energies?
* How come some people feel energy and others don’t?
* What can I do about being over-sensitive?
* To what extent am I responsible for the negative energy I experience?
* What is a psychic attack?
* Why do psychic attacks happen?
* What is an entity?
* Are there different kinds of entities?
* What else is “out there”?
* If I got negative energy from my mate can I still get rid of it?
* What can I do to help my children stay positive?
* To what extent are my health problems related to energy vampires?
* What can I do to make myself immune to negative energy?


NOTE: Every Lecture is geared specifically to attendees so your Spiritual Guides can provide direction and guidance to give you what you specifically need. Bring an open-mind and be ready to ask questions and have some fun!

Handouts & Lecture materials will be provided at the door.

Friday, April 20, 2018:

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm- Unity Church on the Mountain1328 Governor's Drive, SE

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