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The greatest wealth that any of us has is our health. Without health, life looses its savor and we cannot appreciate what a wonderful gift life is. Yet many of us ignore our health until we loose it. I was one of those people. I became so ill that I was bed-ridden most of the time for many, many years. After taking handfuls of many prescription medications and supplements for years, undergoing numerous medical procedures, and trying every kind of medical and alternative treatment I could find, I learned a basic truth: No matter what my diagnosis was, no matter how many drugs or supplements I took, no matter how many medical procedures were performed on me, and no matter what the the media was telling me was the latest greatest product, my body was not going to heal and stay healthy until I gave my body the proper nutrition that it was designed to recognize and until I eliminated the toxins that I was unknowingly putting into my body.

I learned that the best nutrition does not come in a can, box, package, bottle, or other highly processed form. Our bodies were designed to perform optimally when we consume foods in their most natural states--fresh, ripe, whole, not ladened with harmful chemicals or genetically modified, and not processed so that it is dead and toxic to the body. We are cautious with our cars to put only the fuel in them that the manufacturer recommends, yet most of us follow the Standard American Diet ("SAD") and eat whatever food products have the best marketing campaigns and whatever tastes good. When I embraced the concepts that I learned about the raw and living food lifestyle, my health improved dramatically. Yours can, too.

In addition to its healing aspects, many people embrace the raw food lifestyle because it provides a great and sustainable method to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight without yo-yoing or depending on products, potions and pills.

This meetup group is here for our members to share and learn about the amazing healthy and delicious benefits of consuming a whole food plant-based diet (with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds). The group enjoys delicious potluck meals, shares recipes, has food preparation demonstrations, listens to educational speakers and movies, and provides a forum for teaching and learning about ways to enjoy a healthy life. In addition to food, our various speakers may talk about other aspects of lifestyle that are key components of health--good water, exercise, healthy relationships, emotional detox, attitude, purpose, a spiritual pursuit, etc.

Any one who wants to learn about improving and maintaining their health by incorporating whole plant foods into their diet and eliminating toxins is invited to join us. We welcome your ideas on speakers, topics, and activities for the group.

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