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No prior experience with Reiki required: This group is for anyone interested in energy medicine, energy healing, as well as general spiritual health and expansion. We'll have Reiki related classes and events, as well as groups and discussions on energy medicine, mindfulness, cacao ceremonies and more ~ learning and growing together.

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Group Distance Reiki Session: Receive Reiki at home, for free

Remote, offline session (see event description)

Please join me for Group Distance Reiki. **it's free for anyone who wants to receive Reiki Energy!** Simply click "Attend" to let me know you're interested.

**this is an offline event**
I'll connect with you energetically from a session at my home, sending you energy over the course of the hour, then I'll post some comments about the session later in the day.

~Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and does exactly what you need, for your highest good; there is nothing else to do or worry about! Reiki works with your own body's innate healing ability helping restore calm and balance, while encouraging relaxation and wellness. And you don't need to believe in Reiki for Reiki to work. Simply tell me you're interested.

*If you've never received Reiki before, this is a great chance to try it out: You can relax and meditate, or simply be open to receiving - you don't have to be connected or focused at the time of the session, you can be working, sleeping, watching a movie, whatever! If you're interested you can also choose to tune in to the experience at a different time later in your day, when it works best for you, as you'll continue to integrate the energy for several days+.

If you want to learn more about Reiki, please consider reading my Blog Posts:
~ "What Exactly *Is* Distance Reiki?" https://www.leadinglightreiki.com/post/what-exactly-is-distance-reiki
~ "How to Receive Distance Reiki"
~ "What is Reiki to Me?"

Many Blessings!
~Michele DeCamp
Leading Light Reiki / www.LeadingLightReiki.com

~ If you have benefited from these sessions and would like to contribute to Leading Light Reiki, you may offer a donation: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=QKBLQAAT672RU
Never expected, always greatly appreciated!!

Online Reiki Share Circle ~for anyone previously attuned to Reiki

We welcome you to join our Online Reiki Share for November.

**NEW ATTENDEES: Please send a picture of your Reiki Certification to [masked], or answer the certification questions when you hit "attend" to sign up.**

Our Reiki Share Circles include a meditation and a chance to check-in, including any recent stories of inspiration from our beautiful and unique spiritual paths, if desired. Feel free to bring a poem, story or song that inspired you. What messages are you getting lately? Then, just like an in-person Reiki Share we will send Reiki to each of us in turn, for a short time.

Remember that we are receiving Reiki even as we give; we are conduits. Let's go with the flow of Spirit, providing this fun and helpful service to our world and ourselves!

~ If you are able and would like to offer a donation: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=QKBLQAAT672RU

Once you RSVP yes to this event, the link to join via Zoom will appear.

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Group Distance Reiki Session: Receive Reiki at home, for free

Remote, offline session (see event description)

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