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This page contains a calendar of events being held by all the spiritual, paranormal, healing, afterlife, psychic groups in Central Illinois. It doesn't itself have members, so you should not apply for membership in it. We really encourage you to join one of the Alliance member groups. You can see descriptions of them by clicking on "About Us" in the left column. The Exploring Spiritual Realities Alliance is a central source for information about all groups meeting to explore spiritual realities in Central Illinois. Topics explored by the groups include the metaphysical, afterlife, after-death communication, mediumship, psychic abilities, intuitive insights, Reiki, remote viewing, the paranormal, apparitions, and other areas of the greater reality and afterlife. Click on the "Calendar" option in the left column to see the events being held each month by groups that belong to the Exploring Spiritual Realities Alliance. You might put the calendar in your "Favorites" list. Join any of the member groups' meetups. To see more about the member groups, click on "About Us" in the left column. If you are a medium, psychic, intuitive, healer, or other person with spiritual interests or abilities, or the coordinator of a group exploring these topics, contact Craig Hogan (r.craig.hogan@greaterreality.com) to become involved in the Exploring Spiritual Realities Alliance.

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