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This meetup group is for people who are already experiencing their mediumship abilities. That means you do get messages from the other side already, not solely through the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure. You may not do readings, but your abilities are accurate enough that you might be able to. You've gotten them for awhile.

In this meetup group, we'll work on enhancing your abilities, but we'll start easy. It will be nonthreatening and a place to learn from trial and error. We'll talk about use of your guides and symbols that come to you representing messages. We'll practice allowing the messages to come through and strengthening the abilities. We'll talk about how to control access to you by spirit and other issues. We'll do practice readings on each other and will bring in people to read.

This new group will meet the fourth Thursday of the month. Since that's the day after Christmas in December, the meeting will be the third Thursday (December 19). If you don't want to meet this month because we just had a meeting, let me know. RSVP if you're coming Thursday so we can decide whether there are enough to hold a meeting. Members of the mediumship group may also attend the group that is working on intuition and connecting with loved ones that meets on the second Thursday.

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