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This group is being created to explore the unknowns of Science—primarily, but not limited to, Space Science. If you’re like me, and crave to learn more about the unknown and vast darkness of our upstairs realm, I encourage you to join this group where we can share knowledge, philosophies, input from our readings, and ultimately, just learn more about the complicated subject of Space.

I work as a substitute teacher, and I seldom have opportunities to learn and discuss topics that are outside the realm of teaching. I’d love to just have a group get together, and over coffee or drinks, talk about what stood out to us or what perplexed us in our given readings or what’s new in the space community.

I also love science fiction, behavioral science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality/religion. So as the group progresses, I’m totally open for different book ideas.

The first book I am planning on going through is Steven Hawkings: A Brief History of Time.

Let’s open the door to talk about fascinating, and geeky things while also enjoying everyone’s favorite pastime: drinking.

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