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The Implications of No Free Will: 3rd Thurs, 7-9pm at Bread & Butter 29th & Park

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The world is awakening to the fact that free will is an illusion. Unlike our 1st Saturday afternoon event that is devoted primarily to refuting the notion, this 3rd Thursday night event is mainly about using this powerful truth to enhance our personal lives and society as a whole. How does understanding that what we do is not really up to us change the way we see and react to each other and ourselves? If we can't logically blame or credit each other for anything, how do we evaluate and respond to what we do? If we're merely actors, and not the authors, of our acts, who are we really as human beings?

These are just some of the questions we'll delve into. This group will be mainly about helping those of us who already understand that free will is an illusion integrate this revolutionary new world view into our everyday lives. We also welcome you to join us if you're not fully on board with this truth, and would like to explore with us exactly why free will is impossible. However please understand that our main focus for this event will be the implications of overcoming free will belief rather than the refutation of free will.

We meet from 7- 9pm upstairs at Bread and Butter on 29th Street and Park Avenue. Look for our red Meetup sign. Please feel free to arrive late or leave early. It's great if you can rsvp in advance, but in case you can't, come anyway. Our Meetup will always be free. For more information about why free will is an illusion and why outgrowing it matters, visit the Exploring the Illusion of Free Will website at


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