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The Living Inquiries, developed by Scott Kiloby, is a powerful and enjoyable tool to help you easily unwind subconscious and conscious beliefs. In this group we will explore, in fun and creative ways, this simple, yet profound tool. After trying so many things over the years, i.e.: sitting with satsang teachers, going to healers, paying for expensive retreats, (in hopes that maybe I would become "enlightened" or "healed")— it wasn't until I came across the Living Inquiries that a lot of the suffering and confusion started to subside. I was finally able to do the real work that all these teachers and teachings were pointing to all along. For the first time in my life, a real sense of empowerment, a joyful sense of wonder, and dare I say, "happiness," has come on-line in life a once ridden with sorrow. It is because I've had this kind of success with the LIs that I am eager to share this tool with others.

About the Inquiries:

We experience many stressful events throughout our lives, yet we don’t often get the opportunity to safely meet and be with our experiences in a way that allows for natural unwinding to occur. In a typical LI session, you are offered a safe space in which everything is allowed to be here exactly as it is. Whatever arises within your experience will be fully welcomed and given all the room to be expressed and looked at.

We get to explore all the knotted up, confusing connections happening between our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and the energies arising around any one issue or topic in your life. The LIs offer us the opportunity to "untie," these experiences in order to get to the deeper place of healing and insight.

A big part of what I find so powerful in this technique is how it helps us pull apart the thoughts, images, and emotions from the actual raw physical experience. Oftentimes the they are "velcroed" (a term coined by Scott Kiloby) together, and it can make it difficult to just drop in to the body unencumbered by distractions and distorted viewpoints. Whether it's a thought, image, energy, or emotion, we get to fully be with each aspect, offering our full attention and presence. In my experience, once everything is allowed to be here just as it is and met fully with love and delicate care, whole new avenues within can begin to open up. Life transforms and unfolds in ways we could never have imagined.

Coming from many years of painful and difficult life experiences myself, I can relate intimately to those going through deep depression, anxiety, uncertainty and confusion. The Living Inquiries helped me to dismantle these painful places so that now when they surface the thoughts and feelings that create these states are less and less believed to be solid and true. Also, I am able to shift into new places and perspectives much more quickly than before. Today, I find in myself a capacity to meet life with a greater sense of spaciousness and natural wisdom.

What I absolutely love in doing the Living Inquiries is being able to listen and look deeply with others to experience what’s real, what’s here, and the connection that’s possible.

I am grateful and excited to work with anyone who is willing and ready to do this kind of inner work. I look forward to meeting you – just as you are.

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