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Eight Treasures Qigong in the Park
For those of you who are new and may be hesitating because there are very few RSVPs, just know that there are always 10 or more people who come out so don't let the lack of confirmed attendees influence you. The Eight Treasures is an ancient set of movements providing physical, mental/emotional and Spiritual benefits to those who practice them. The 32 individual movements that make up the form have been practiced for thousands of years and were organized into “The Eight Treasures” around 2000 years ago. Tracing back to Huang Di (The Yellow Emperor), the form has been passed down through 75 generations of Taoist Masters to The Ni Family who is the keeper of this profound traditional practice. Through the College of Tao and CHI Health Institute, the NI Family offers instruction in this, and many other Taoist arts. The Eight Treasures can be practiced by anyone at any level of achievement and is meant to be personalized by each individual according to their own needs. There are no prerequisites to practice and anyone who wishes to explore the many benefits of Qi movement practices should come out and join us. We will learn a small portion of the form each time we meet as well as review what we have already done. The goal over time will be to learn the entire form and then go deeper and deeper into the subtle nuances of each movement. I offer these gatherings as a labor of love and at no charge. I truly hope that you experience as much pleasure and benefit from this amazing art form as I have.

Tawny Park

400 Tawny Drive · Pleasanton, CA

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My vision for this group is simple. To gather together people who are interested in exploring the subtle nature of Tao. It doesn't matter if you've got absolutely no idea what "this Tao thing" is, or have years of experience with Spiritual exploration and practice.

In this group the focus will be on discussing various Taoist writings and sharing (or not sharing if preferred) our thoughts, experiences and perceptions of what it means to live in Harmony with Nature. Each gathering will begin with a short group practice of Taoist Internal Arts. I will provide basic instruction in one or more of the Ni Family Qi Movement Practices (primarily 8 Treasures Qigong and The Merry Go Round circle walking practice) so no previous experience is necessary. We may possibly even hold renewal ceremonies at the times of seasonal change if the group is so inclined.

Everyone is welcome regardless of their Spiritual, Philosophical or Religious beliefs. By its very nature, the study of the Tao is open to any and all interpretations. This will definitely not be a debate club though so come with an open mind and an open heart, and check any mind based biases at the door.

Gatherings will be held at no cost but a small donation toward space rental will be accepted and appreciated.

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