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Here we provide exposé on several topics, such as the name of our Father (Yâ-hwéh) and the Son (Yâhuwshúa`), and also share how the instructions in scripture have differed from modern day pagan traditions which have been adopted into Christianity. Afterward, we hold and open discussion on the topic.

Anyone who is interested in seeking the Truth, investigating to learn the real answers on Who we should be serving, how we should be serving Him, and why, would most likely attend. It is free to come and hear, and join the discussion. We are neither a profit nor non-profit business. We do have some recommendations on study material (such as a few websites); we also recommend the scripture translation: Purer Scriptures for the REMNANT, downloadable for free online.

As we search for the Truth, in acknowledgement of our heavenly Father and His pure and righteous Son, we ask that we may be guided by the spirit of the Pure One, the Mind of the Truth.

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Hearing about Yahuwshua

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Table Talk: Scripture feast days vs. "holidays"

Prince Tea House

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