• Official Photographers for the 13th Annual Drumstick Dash
    The Roanoke Rescue Mission loved the photos we took the last five years at the Drumstick Dash so they have asked us to come back again this year to make photos to document this year's event and to promote the festivities for next year. Here is your opportunity to get your photos published and to promote a good cause: https://drumstickdash.net/ This is the major benefit activity of the Roanoke Rescue Mission and is a major photo opportunity for Exposure Roanoke to perform a public service for the Mission. Please select one of the 15 locations below and reserve your spot by adding a comment below. The Rescue Mission is having its 13th annual Drumstick Dash 5K Race & Family Walk on Thanksgiving morning. The race will start at 9am, but there will be lots to photograph between 8:30 for the race preparation and 10:45 for the awards ceremonies, depending on where you are located on the downtown Roanoke route. Here are a few pointers from the Rescue Mission: The Drumstick Dash is just around the corner! I'll be working at the event; and wanted to introduce myself and touch base with you about photographers for the big day. Please be sure to get each person's t-shirt size (including yours) since you will each get volunteer shirts and can pick them up the week of the DASH or morning of. I'm so excited to have you guys back again. Yes, any photos you can give us on CD's or flash drives that morning would be awesome so I can post them on Social Media. Otherwise, you can drop them off earlier the next week. They should all go to Amy McArthur. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks so much. The locations that they are most interested in having photographs of are: 1 Starting line on Franklin Road by SunTrust Plaza 2 Day Ave between 1st and 2nd Street 3 3rd Street at 1st Baptist Church 4 Church Ave at 1st Street 5 Church Ave by Oakey's at the Orvis Dog Water Station 6 5th Street by the YMCA at the StellarOne water station 7 Norfolk Ave between 5th and 3rd Streets 8 On the Gainesboro bridge between Salem Ave & Wells Ave 9 Shenandoah Avenue by Hotel Roanoke 10 Williamson Road between Shenandoah & Campbell Ave 11 On Salem Ave by the Taubman Museum 12 Norfolk Avenue between Jefferson & 1st Street 13 Campbell Avenue between 1st Street and finish line 14 Roanoke City Market area where people are milling around after race 15 Race winners at the Awards Ceremony on the City Market Photographs of runners, walkers, dogs, babies in strollers, and volunteers are needed! Lots of action and close up shots of families, funny costumes, and awards are needed. The best 25 of your photos will be used for Rescue Mission graphics and will be put on their Facebook page. Please RSVP to this Meetup and sign up for a location and once you have taken the photos select your favorite 25 photos then put them on disc or a memory stick and bring them to the Rescue Mission Lobby that morning or early the next week (No Model Releases are required) so that they can be posted to the Rescue Mission website. Thanks for supporting this important public service.

    Suntrust Plaza

    106 Franklin Road Southeast · Roanoke, VA

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    Since we don't have any easy opt-in/out message list capability here, this meetup entry is an attempt to make an easier way for people to get together to shoot on short notice. If you're heading out to shoot (and would like to invite others), post the details to the discussion section here. If you want to be notified when someone is heading out to shoot, just RSVP that you're going to this event and you should get an email when someone posts.

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