• Scavenger Hunt for Compositional Elements

    Center In The Square

    This Meetup is NOT your typical Scavenger Hunt where you run around collecting items. NOR is it one where you shoot around collecting photos of specific items. It IS one where you use Compositional Elements to help collect interesting photos. We will meet at the Center in the Square where we will pass out a list of Composition Rules (or Guidelines or Suggestions) that you may want to use (or not) to help you enhance your photographic skills. As implied above, these will not be RULES that you must use but they will be Guidelines or Suggestions that many photographers have found to be helpful in making more interesting photos. So, if you want to prepare for this Meetup you can study up on items we may be asking you to photograph by looking up what many photographers consider to be Compositional Rules. For example a photo which uses the Golden Ratio (based on a Fibonacci Spiral) is one of the Compositional Elements that MAY be one of the 15 items on the list. But please wait till the Meetup to start your photo collection. And please complete your collection by the end of the weekend. Meet us just inside in the door at the Center in the Square at 7:00 pm on Friday April 26 to pick up a copy of the Scavenger Hunt items. Then collect your photos in downtown Roanoke over the next couple of hours. If you cannot attend at this time we will post the list here as a comment so that you can make your photos any time over the weekend. Then, after the Meetup is completed post your 15 favorite interesting photos (one for each item) by clicking on ADD PHOTOS in this Meetup Announcement. Please add a caption telling which item your photo represents. Also feel free to comment on lessons learned from your photographic experience or how differently the same item may appear in other photographer's pictures.

  • Star Trails near Pembroke

    158 Wheatland Dr

    Astrophotography made easy! Join us for an evening under the stars. We'll cover the basics of star trail photography, and post processing (We'll discuss a free program download) All you need is a wide angle lens and tripod for the basic version of star trails. An intervelometer ($20 Amazon for your camera model) makes capturing images much easier. Your camera may have a built in intervelometer, check your manual! A chair makes capturing 200 images an easier chore! We need clear skies so this event is weather dependent. Save Saturday May 4th in case skies are clearer then. We"ll send an email to those who sign up in the event of cancellation due to weather.

  • Short Notice Shoot Organizer

    Needs a location

    Since we don't have any easy opt-in/out message list capability here, this meetup entry is an attempt to make an easier way for people to get together to shoot on short notice. If you're heading out to shoot (and would like to invite others), post the details to the discussion section here. If you want to be notified when someone is heading out to shoot, just RSVP that you're going to this event and you should get an email when someone posts.