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Learn the art form of acknowledging the inner wounds and get relieved from the emotional burden.

“Art can PERMEATE the very deepest part of us, where no WORDS exist” ~ Eileen Miler

Emotions are the part of our daily lives which involves both positive and negative emotions. Our biological instinct is to turn away from the emotional pain, and this, when accumulated over time, causes emotional wounds. This leads to a constant feeling of being sad, lost and something missing in life without any reason.
This is because the emotional wounds are buried deep inside and is not a part of our conscious anymore. Engaging in different activities gives us a temporary sense of being and happiness, but it's not for long. The reason is the cause is not resolved and the only solution is to, acknowledge the wound and work on that.

About me:
Hi, I’m Neha. I am an Expressive Art Therapy Facilitator, working towards self-development and bringing a positive change in the life of people around me and my clients. I love changing the limiting beliefs to the empowering ones.

I had been working as an HR professional and have an experience of 8+ years in the domain. While working for so many years with Human Resources and dealing with people around, I realized that everyone is set on a journey of their own, but very few of them know the way towards a better life. Majority of them are simply lost in their way because of the distractions caused by their everyday life events and issues, either leading to an emotional wound or triggering it.

My primary goal as an Expressive Art Therapy facilitator is to help people to be free from these emotional burden and trauma caused by them, by engaging people into an unconscious art journey. This results in making people aware of the underlying issues and acknowledges them, which is the first step towards Healing. The sessions help people in looking deeply into the issues and finding ways to resolve them or to come to terms with the issues so that they do not bug anymore.

I have read this somewhere: Art therapy serves just like seeing yourself truly into an old dusty mirror. Initially, the image is dirty and blurred because of the emotional wounds and trauma. But, as you keep cleaning the mirror with your unconscious efforts of art, the image gets clearer and clearer. It’s like cleaning your soul off of any negativity.

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