What we're about

We work through the Holding Hearts Studio where there is always space and encouragement to wonder what else is available.

Working with multiple art materials and art forms, we explore the strength, resources and resiliency gained from spending time freely creating.

Tune in.

Slow down.

Nurture yourself.

Check out holding hearts website (https://weareholdinghearts.com/)

If you have experienced stress, anxiety, fatigue, disconnection or the general wear and tear of day to day life, working with the arts and gathering with like minded people can help find a lightness and energy you are missing.

ALL levels of artistic experience, from beginners to professional artists.

You will be lead with simple guided exercises as well as encouraged to follow your intuitive spark, supported throughout by Artist and Expressive Arts Therapist Angela Carroll-Wallace at her beautiful studio in Gastown.

Come and create and play. You will love it. You will thank yourself. This arts practice will feed your soul and make you smile.

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