What we're about

Are you tired of going to those impersonal restaurants with the same people each time?

Are you a food lover willing to meet like-minded people in your area?

Are you dying for a real authentic home-made meal cooked by your neighbours?

Then do not look any further, this MeetUp is for you!

Exquiz'Eat is a community-led Group aiming to connect like-minded people around mouth-watering meals cooked by locals.

The concept is simple: as an Exquiz'Eat member, also known as "Exquiz'Eaters", you can either be a guest and attend an event or be a host and organize your own event.

• Become an Exquiz'Eat Ambassador (host): If you love cooking and would like to share your amazing skills with great people, you can host an event by following these steps:

1. Register to the Exquiz'Eat MeetUp

2. Send me a message letting me know that you want to host your own event so I can change your setting to "Event Organizer"

3. In the Home Page, click on the "schedule a new MeetUp"

4. Enter your event's details (including the location, date, price and menu) and you just have to wait for Exquiz'Eaters to sign up to your event !

• Become an Exquiz'Eat Adventurer (guest): If you love food but do not feel totally ready to host an event, Exquiz'Eat helps you finding events in your area hosted by our Ambassadors who will be more than happy to welcome you! In that case you just need to RSVP to the event you would like to attend.

So what are you waiting for? Be an Ambassador or be an Adventurer but most importantly be yourself and hungry to meet new amazing people!

Upcoming events (1)

Eat Me Supper Club Thai Banquet, eight courses ***NOW FULLY SOLD OUT***

Eat Me Supper Club Thai Banquet, eight courses 4th May BYOB £40, Camden BYOB from 7.30pm: The menu is designed to showcase the five classic Thai flavour sensations of salty, sweet, bitter, sour, Umami Umami is that undefinable ‘fifth taste’ that seamlessly links the classic Thai flavours .....best described as deeply savoury, you may not instantly recognise it but you would know instantly know if it wasn’t present. Please note- RSVP doesn’t equate to a booking: PayPal payment to [masked] in advance or message for bank account details MENU Aperitif Lemon grass & Ginger Bellini Amuse Bouche Tom Kha Gai, Chicken, chilli, coconut soup with a home made rice cracker Starter- Asian Tapas: -Stir fried clams with chilli jam and holy basil, -Crispy pork belly with with star anise in a spicy caramelised tamarind sauce -Hand made banana leaf box filled with rice cooked in fish stock, shrimp, Thai herbs and king prawns in garlic & chilli -Cabbage & mooli som tum with stir fried dried shrimp Main course Coconut & chilli fish curry with coconut rice & crispy fried onions and stir fried chilli garlic prawns Or Chicken, cashew & potato curry with coconut rice with sweet garlic and crispy fried chicken skin Pudding Keffir Lime & mango cheesecake with fresh mango pearls, caramelised bitter keffir lime syrup and caramel lace Digestif Iced espresso with coconut liquor and home made coconut cookies

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