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Extinction Rebellion starting points:
* Due to climate change and species extinction, humanity and the ecosystems that support us are close to irretrievable catastrophe.
* Decades of warnings from scientists, letter-writing and demonstrations, and conventional campaign groups pressure has resulted in nothing close to an appropriate response.
* Many of us have fallen into apathy because of how obvious it is that Government has no intention of doing what is required.

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Upcoming events (5+)

NVDA Trainning at the Brighthelm centre Sat 23 Feb.

Brighthelm Church & Community Centre

Join us from 12 to 4 PM at th Brighthelm centre activities room (basement) for a Non Violent Direct Action training. Bring refreshment because the cade will be closed. Do email Alison directly if you are going to make it because space might be limited.

Budget Council meeting

Hove Town Hall

Show up in support of push for intro of food waste collection pilot scheme and increased resources for Sustainability Team

XR Brighton meeting


Join us!!!! At our monthly meeting you will find out more about Extinction Rebellion Brighton and how to actually do something about climate change. We are a friendly group of ordinary people (a.k.a. Rebels) who have joined together to raise awareness of the impending climate disaster and to instigate global change through non-violent actions of civil disobedience. You are ensured a warm welcome. At this meeting there will be feedback from working groups, information about Affinity Groups creation, info about Non-Violent Direct Action training, feedback from the recent direct action survey, direct actions discussion and more. An agenda will be posted closer to the time. There will be teas and coffee and some mugs but bring your own if you can plus for food to share. See you there Rebels!

Council meeting: Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee

Make some noise in preparation of the full council referral of climate emergency to this meeting

Past events (23)

Weekly Brighton XR Planning Meeting

Islingword Inn

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