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Calling all extra small dogs (10 pounds and under) and their owners! We'd love for our Giggles and Chipper to meet other very small dogs! They are fully grown at 4 and a half pounds and 6 and a half pounds.

Check out our photos from past Meetups. All small dogs that have good doggy manners and are polite with other dogs of any breed or mix are invited. Please be sure your dog(s) are healthy and up-to-date with shots, heart worm and flea & tick medication. Pups should be spayed or fixed.

Come join our fun and friendly group! No treats during the Meetup as it is not fair to the other dogs. We do have certain special occasions where we do have goodies.

Anyone you bring that is bringing a dog MUST sign up and have a Profile as we have to know what dogs are going to be there for safety reasons. This is a rule that must be followed if we are going to maintain this Meetup.

You cannot bring more than one or two family members or friends who do not have a dog as we just do not have the room for the extra people who just want to look at dogs. Message us if you need to make a one-time exception because of out-of-town visitors. You certainly need to bring your own chairs for guests.

Providing your dog with a consistent routine of ongoing socialization is a key to maintaining their well-being and to preventing many behavior issues, specifically those due to boredom, lack of confidence, and stress. Learning good social skills leads to a healthy and happy dog!

So we'll meet every first Sunday and every fourth Friday of each month and maybe also for a walk in Bird Park or more off-leash social time (we have FREE use of a huge indoor space in Norwood, MA). We'll see what other pooch play events we can also schedule. Feel free to email me with any of your own ideas! We can also meet sometimes at Panera Bread (they allow dogs on their patio!) for some food and drink afterward. We might even do some pup sitting for each other and a sharing of ideas!

Because of allergies that some dogs have, no food or treats are allowed during the time we meet indoors.

Attend any of our fun Meetups and your dog will thank you with wags of gratitude! Following all of these Guidelines have allowed us to continue successfully since August of 2015! WE NEED TO RUN A TIGHT SHIP WITH ALL THE MEMBERS THAT WE HAVE! WE ARE DEALING WITH A LOT OF MEMBERS AND DOGS.

PLEASE only join if you are serious about attending our group and PLEASE change your RSVP if your plans do change. We do take this Meetup seriously and we do keep track of no-shows. We ask that you have a photo for your Profile. This is very important.

You WILL be removed from the group after three no-shows without any explanation. All you have to do is take a second to change your RSVP and/or comment that you just could not make it. We wait for you and lock the door afterwards. On a walk we stand there and wait for you. Meet-up can keep track of no shows.

Meet-ups cost us $110 every 6 months and our ZOOM plan is $16 a month, so feel free to donate via PayPal. The email is Lgh324@aol.com. Please help out with any amount! Thank you in advance. Plus we put a lot of time into keeping it updated and planning events. We also wash the toys, pee pads, water dishes, take away garbage from the room and restroom, buy the paper towels and gifts for the owner, etc. etc. Thank you in advance for "Chipping In"!

**If you'd like to adjust the notifications you receive regarding this group, go to the Group Main Page, click on the drop-down menu that reads "You're a member" on the right-hand side, and click "Group notifications." You'll be able to adjust all group notifications.

Please see our other fun Meet-up, Let's Laugh Today based on Laughter Yoga. These Meetups are a fun time for any age and any level of physical ability and some are also free: http://www.meetup.com/Lets-Laugh-Today-based-on-Laughter-Yoga/ or http://www.letslaughtoday.com

Please feel free to contact either Bill or me with any questions or concerns about either of these Meetups. Hope to meet you soon!

Woof, Woof,

Linda and Bill Hamaker

Giggles and Chipper


email: linda@letslaughtoday.com or billandlinda@letslaughtoday.com

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Let's See All Our Pups on a Zoom Call!

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Let's See All Our Pups on a Zoom Call! FREE! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP ON SATURDAY, JULY 25th at 1:30pm. So you can simply join the group if you have a dog ten pounds or under. We are a very friendly group! PLEASE BRING YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER DRINK TO SHOW EVERYONE AND YOUR PUPS FAVORITE TREAT TO SHOW AS WE WILL DO SHOW AND TELL! Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/163128450?pwd=dEVWTUxoaTIxS1hha2ZvK0xQbW1hQT09 PASSWORD IS EMBEDDED ABOVE If you want to sign on the old way, then https://us04web.zoom.us/j/163128450 Meeting ID:[masked] Password: dog Bill and I thought about what we could do for this group and we want everyone to see each other in this difficult time of social distancing. We don't have to have emotional distancing too. We will all talk about how our pups are loving the fact that we are home all the time now! Please join us and show us your pup(s)! We thought that this would be something nice for everyone to look forward to. We will also all sing to any pup with a July Birthday! Please RSVP and test out that you can do Zoom and the video will work. Led by Linda and Bill Hamaker. http://www.letslaughtoday.com If you have any questions, just e-mail [masked]. Meet-ups cost us $110 every 6 months and our ZOOM plan is $16 a month, so feel free to donate via PayPal. The email is [masked] and there is also a Donate Button on our website, www.letslaughtoday.com where you can use any credit card. Donations are always very much appreciated. Here is some basic information about what Zoom is and how to use it. 1. Zoom is a video conferencing software program which lets people hold virtual meetings through their computer screens. The website for Zoom is https://www.zoom.us/ 2. You can sign up and create an account in Zoom if you want to run your own on-line meetings. But you do not need to sign up in order to attend someone else's meeting. 3. You may need to download the Zoom software in order to join a meeting. You should be given instructions on what to do when you try to join a zoom meeting. For iPhones you will need to install the Zoom app. 4. The Zoom website has a test page where you can make sure zoom works for you before the actual meeting, just click the following link: https://zoom.us/test/

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Let's See All Our Pups on a Zoom Call!

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