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This meetup is for software developers who are interested in how modern eXtreme Programming (XP) is evolving. We aim to look beyond basic old-school XP/Agile technical practices, such as TDD, CI/CD, Refactoring, Pairing. We will not be providing introductory level talks or hands-on sessions on any of these XP practices.

We invite speakers who have interesting ideas to share relevant to developers applying XP. We aim to provide a thought-provoking schedule of discussion topics with speakers who are actively involved in software development in their current work.

We've decided to restrict membership of this group to software developers who already have some experience at work with XP technical practices. We're open to anyone with this kind of experience in any programming language. Most XP developers need to get to grips with full-stack from front-end to database so talks may range across any relevant topics to that activity.

We aim to provide talks on relatively advanced technical topics and avoid discussions around Agile transformation/adoption/coaching/craftsmanship. We will not be providing introductory level talks on any XP practices. We also have no interest in non-technical aspects of Scrum/Kanban, etc. Discussions about planning techniques will be eschewed.

If you are new to Agile or XP, there are already plenty of excellent meet-ups in London for networking and introduction to Agile with opportunity for hands-on practice (such as eXtreme Tuesday, Devs in the Ditch and Software Craftsmanship). We are not competing with those groups but offering a narrower focus on technical discussions for developers practicing XP.

This meetup is hosted by Unruly who have been practising XP since we were founded in 2006, you can find out more about our tech team here (http://unruly.tech). We use #XProLo (https://twitter.com/search?q=%23xprolo&src=typd&lang=en-gb) for any announcements about our meetup on Twitter.

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