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XP Applied: Lessons Learnt from Practicing XP in Consulting vs Product Settings

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It's been almost 20 years since Kent Beck published "Extreme Programming Explained". This talk -- equal parts retrospective and fireside chat -- will be a loosely-structured reflection on how we've seen XP manifest at a company that literally gives people Kent Beck's book on the day that they join. (The company is Pivotal, in case that was unclear)

Callum will speak to his experiences bringing Extreme Programming principles to client teams over the course of many large projects that he has anchored for Pivotal Labs. Denise will talk about how the same principles take very different formats, with different sets of priorities, when your domain is a set of long-lived products. There will be plenty of space and time for audience input, and we hope to learn from you just as much.

Callum is an Engineering Manager in Pivotal Labs and Kotlin fanatic. In the last four years, he has worked on a variety of engineering projects, including mobile banking apps, platforms for grocery retailers, and tools for making agile retrospectives more awesome.

Denise is a Software Engineer in Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She has worked on developing RabbitMQ as a Cloud Foundry service and improving the service management experience for Open Source CF ecosystem. That was a lot of big words; mostly she writes bash scripts.


6:30pm: Meet with Indian snacks, drinks, and mingling
7:00pm: Session start
circa 8:00pm: End of main session

Followed by further discussion, including post-session drinks if so inclined.

About XProLo:

This meetup is for software developers who are interested in how modern eXtreme Programming (XP) is evolving. We aim to look beyond basic old-school XP/Agile technical practices, such as TDD, CI/CD, Refactoring, Pairing.

We invite speakers who have interesting ideas to share relevant to developers applying XP. We aim to provide a thought-provoking schedule of discussion topics with speakers who are actively involved in software development in their current work.