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Karaoke Tour of Vancouver (UKC)

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Karaoke has become extremely popular. It is now a regular meetup event.

Featuring live performances by Andrew, Lena, Kevin... and perhaps YOU?

Newcomers are always welcome regardless of singing ability.

You are also welcome to come enjoy the wonderful social atmosphere even if you don't wish to sing (which Ben likes to do).

Have you ever want to be part a performance group touring different venues? This is your chance! Join our karaoke crew as we go to all the karaoke places in and around Vancouver, and bring down the house in each and every one of them!

The cost is anywhere between $5-10 per hour per person, depending on venue, to cover the cost of private room rental. We usually stay 2 hours, but sometimes 3. It works out to around the price of going to a movie, but exponentially more fun!!

We usually go to private room karaoke places, so you won't have to stand up on stage to sing to a hundred people. We do go to pub style karaoke the odd time (which Lena likes to do).

Guidelines and Etiquette:

-You may sing in other languages besides English. People have sing in Chinese, Japanese, Korean..It's always nice to hear people sing in other languages!!

-Please request one song at a time in private rooms so everyone who wishes to sing gets to sing at least one song as soon as possible.

-We usually get between 2 to 4 mics in private rooms. Please share the mics so the same person doesn't sing every song, but don't push the mic on other people.

-Please leave your song at the bottom of the list after you make a request. It's fair to people who requested songs before you.

-The meetup time/date/location may change for any given week. BE SURE TO CHECK THIS EVENT AGAIN!! Please note: we are not touring multiple locations in one night. We intend to be at one location per night, unless the location is full.

-Please RSVP yes to each occurrence of the event for the ones you like to attend. If you change your mind, please change your RSVP as soon as possible.