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Welcome to Japanadian Vancouver BC. で国籍を超えた友達をつくろう!みんなで楽しく言語・文化交流をしよう! If you have a genuine interest in English, Japanese and Asian Culture and sharing Language Exchange through fun events and activities, this is the group for you. Important note: this is NOT a dating or pickup group. We also have groups in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Saitama, Seoul SK, Sydney Australia, London UK, Nottingham UK and more cities opening up soon. Cover Picture for Vancouver City Skyline provided courtesy of Photographer Luke Lawreszuk (https://www.sprayedout.com/vancouver-downtown-north-vancouver-mountains-cityscape/).

グループのルール / GROUP GUIDELINES for the comfort and safety of all members.

1. We do not permit anyone to solicit or try to sell products or services to other group members. This a a neutral Group, no religion recruitment permitted. 商品やサービスを宣伝・販売すること、および宗教勧誘は禁止です。このグループは中立で、どの宗教団体にも属しません。

2. KEEP IT COMFORTABLE - Guys should not bother our Female members and should not give or ask for social media info, e-mails, numbers or where they live, work or study. If a Female member is interested, she can share her info. 全員にとって居心地のいい空間をつくりましょう。男性の皆さんは女性メンバーにSNSやメールアドレス、職場・学校・家などの個人情報を聞くのは控えてください。女性の皆さんにはルールを定めていませんが、節度を持って行動してください

3. To join the group, we require a true profile picture and to show the other groups you belong to as well as show your interests (no hidden profiles). This is for the comfort and safety of all group members. このグループに参加するには、プロフィールピクチャに本人が写っていることと、プロフィール(興味と他の参加グループ)を隠す設定にしていないことが条件です。女性メンバーはグループ参加後に写真を変更しても構いません

Guidelines & Rules are simple and meant to keep things comfortable and safe for all. 以上、ルールはシンプルですので、居心地よく安全なグループにするためにご協力をお願いします。

Check out Personal Safety Information at this link


If you have any problems or are being bothered by anyone, you can report to us by using the link below.


As a private group we also limit new memberships from time to time and try to balance our groups needs based on the language exchange needs of our current members. If your request to join is declined, do not take it personal. (we are not able to turn off the join group button) There are hundreds of other activity groups available with wide open memberships available to you.

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