What we're about

You need two things to get ahead in your biz: a boat-rocking community of kicka*s peeps (who are FUN) and regular knowledge infusions. The FABpreneurs are going to bring you both in spades! We provide opportunities to build an authentic community via out-of-the-box mixers and workshops that don't bore you into an early grave.

Who's it for? The FABpreneurs is for fun, authentic, and unapologetically bold creatives, makers, healers, and helpers who are hella passionate about what they do and who they hang out with! And we WELCOME Trans, Cis, GNC, etc.

So if you're a FABpreneur, join Edmonton's newest fun, authentic and bold business community where fun and business come to party.

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p.s. We run a “no pitch zone (i.e. NO sales) and a no question is a dumb question zone” where everyone is here to help take each other to the next level.

Past events (2)

Never Have I Ever Had a Business BFF Mixer

Good Earth Coffeehouse

Moneyboss Masterclass: Richness in Mind. Body. Soul.

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