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Due to everyone's busy life, we will now incorporate ALL four weeks in one week. We will: -Clear & Clean -Plan & Plant -Witness & Watch -Reap & Repeat We will also write Mission Statements and a Blueprint for your life, so you can become the architect of your world. With focusing on what you want with clarity and elevated emotion you will light the fire of your own inner passions, hence creating a new reality of your choosing. It is recommended that you come as often as you can in order to set goals, become accountable to the group and create a life of your dreams, on purpose, with others that will support you in making it happen! I am thrilled to take you on this fantastic ride in this F*CKED UP TO FIXED UP GROUP. The tools to fix you up include: -Law of Attraction -Self-Hypnosis -Neuroplasticity -Epigentics -Affirmations -Blueprinting -The Endgame -Meditation -Your Mission -Getting from Confusion to Clarity -Living Above The Line -Staying in Love & Above In this workshop, you will learn a plethora of tools that will not only transform you, but the ripple effect will spread to everyone and everything in your life. Plug into your GPS system where you want to go, when you join us to get from "F*CKED TO FIXED UP". Looking forward to seeing you soon! The cost of this course is $25.00 per class. For more information about the host visit or call[masked]

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Transform your life in a supportive group atmosphere, learning tools to get from confused and unfocused to clear and clean. Begin to plan and plant your desires and wishes, and just witness and watch your life magically unfold into a life of your dreams. We will learn :

-Mental Dieting

-The Power of Blueprinting

-Living Above The Line

-The Endgame

-Creative Visualization

-The Law of Attraction

-A Fun Way To Pray and Meditate

Learning these tools in a group setting is beyond powerful. You will have partners to become accountable with and to share your epiphanies and your new found transformations from 'f*cked up to fixed up'.

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This workshop is a suggested donation of $25.00

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