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Are you exhausted?
Do you juggle absolutely everything in your household -- all the way from your job to that one extra "big" kid (you know who I mean) in the house?
Do you go to the bathroom just to squeeze in some alone time and get a few Instagram minutes in peace?
Do you want to be the mom that cooks only organic, non-GMO, flourless, sugarless, non-allergenic, non-everything food but sometimes you've gotta just go to Safeway and grab that pizza?

REJOICE! This group is just for you. And mothers like you everywhere.
Here's to the ones that take life seriously...but not too seriously. The ones who embrace The F Word(s) -- fun, family, fashion, friends, fitness, and feelings...even fermented fruit juice (ahem..wine).

Come cry with us. Come laugh with us! Come enjoy your night out, and celebrate The F Words of life.

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F word of the month: FREESTYLE

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The F word: FRISKY

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