What we're about

This is a fun group for film lovers, film makers, actors, artists and supporters of the Asian American community to meet new people and enjoy/discuss films, actors, film makers and the Asian American arts scene in Chicago. Each month we will try to select a film, a show or an exhibit featuring Asian American Actor(s), a documentary about Asian Americans or a film by an Asian American filmmaker and discuss our thoughts afterward about the film over a beverage at the local watering hole.

This group is sponsored by The Foundation for Asian American Independent Media (FAAIM).

FAAIM's Mission:

*Educate communities. Asian American and mainstream, local and national - about Asian American history and issues.

*Introduce Asian American perspectives into the ongoing self-definition of or multicultural society in Chicago, the Midwest, and the United States.

*Foster understanding across lines of race, ethnicity, religion, age, and region.

*Sustain growth and encourage excellence in Asian American culture, and elevate Chicago's place within it.

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Big Trouble In Little China (1986)

ArcLight Cinemas - Chicago

Is the 1986 film BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA a cult classic that explores the complexity of Asian American-ness in Chinatown or is it Orientalism and White Savoir trash? Let's watch this again and have a discussion about it! 7:15 PM - Meet in the Arclight Lobby 7:30 PM - Film 9:30 PM - Yard House (In the same complex) Buy your tickets here: https://www.arclightcinemas.com/movie/arclight-presentsbig-trouble-in-little-china?lid=1010

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Fiction and Other Realities (Closing Night Feature)

Gene Siskel Film Center

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