Dialogue Evening: Fairplay at Work

This is a past event

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What is this dialogue about?

How do we imagine a family-friendly workplace? Why is it worthwhile for a company to hire parents? What steps companies should make through their actions to support the compatibility of family and career? How can we contribute to creating a family-friendly workplace? What are the positive effects of a family-friendly corporate policy?

What is a Dialogue Evening?
Dialogue Evenings shift the conversations we usually have around difficult, complex and sometimes ambiguous topics, by approaching topics, not from a place of debate & problem solving but from a place that explores opinions, experiences, views, and questions on a deeper level, to understand their root causes.

Who is this Dialogue for?
This is an invitation to everybody intrigued to explore a dialogue that goes deep into the topic of work, life, and balance, and to explore it amongst a diverse group of individuals. We wish to have a conversation where we ask the more difficult question and open up to talk about the true assumptions, ambiguities, experiences and questions we have regarding our very own patterns, roles, identities, limitations, expectations related to family and work.
As a participant, you can expect a space for exchange, for learning and for connection.

Join NAHdenken, Collaboratio Helvetica and MAMAGORA and have a Dialogue with us.

A small Apero will be served.