What we're about

Welcome to AfterHours Coding!
This group aims for front-end developers who wish to focus on client-side technologies, tools, and frameworks and build a solid foundation of knowledge and practice.

Each session will be dedicated to one (and only one) topic and will include a theoretical lecture - and hands-on exercises.

All sessions will be guided by an experienced mentor and will be delivered in Hebrew.

This group is open to anyone!
The only requirement is to agree to invest your free-time for self-development :)


Note: most of the lectures will be in Hebrew

Past events (7)

#7 -Extensionator: Rise of the Chromium

Online event

#6 -The observer pattern - From 1994 to RxJs

Online event

#5 - The secret superpowers of CSS

Online event

#4 - Up and running with NestJS

Online event

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