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YOU'RE INVITED to JOIN US for a MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCE of original artistic expression THIS TUESDAY night from 8-10PM! (DOORS @ 7PM || SHOW STARTS @ 8PM) The Round ( is a monthly event held on 2nd Tuesdays and hosted by Abbey Arts. Founded by Nathan Marion in 2005, the Seattle edition has occurred for 132 months in a row (as of July, 2015) and is mostly volunteer powered. The Round Local musicians share the stage with spoken word poet & live painters. All ages, mostly seated, PG13. Bring dinner over from neighboring restaurants like Olafs and play some corn toss, foosball and other games before the show in the side yard or downstairs in the living room. Tickets: $8 advance / $10 door To purchase online, click here: (link to be provided once available) You can check out the video playlist for "THE ROUND" by visiting their YouTube Channel at: This curated event brings together 3 different songwriters often with some backing musicians who collaborate live onstage while performing their own songs in turn. A slam poet or two also perform in between each โ€œroundโ€ of songs and live painters/visual artists are creating on the side. The audience is always very close to the low stage, if any stage is used. The show turns out to be a unique experience each time and songwriters are only allowed to perform once a year (per city) to help keep things fresh. Abbey events involve mostly local bands, musicians, slam poets, live painters, modern dancers, storytelling and more. Abbey events encourage cross-collaborations between art mediums and artists of all ages and backgrounds. Many Abbey events feature local developing artists supporting events headlined by experienced touring acts. These are definitely shows where you may โ€œsee them first!โ€ The key to all of the events is experiencing them with a relatively small group of people... a very mellow group in a โ€œGiant Living Roomโ€ type setting. This โ€œsmall batch concertsโ€ approach helps you feel comfortable and you can experience something different than a large festival or stadium show where youโ€™re often jostled by crowds. The Round has or is also happening at various times in other cities like Spokane WA, Portland OR, Tacoma WA, Anacortes WA, Whidbey Island WA, Austin TX, Lebanon PA, Vashon Island WA, and more. Tickets: $7 - $20 (+fees) To purchase online, click here: (link to be provided once available) All profits go to support local artists and up & coming developing acts are often paired up with more established singers or poets. *** NOTE: While the "FEELING ALIVE NOW!" Meetup Group itself is FREE to join... from time to time we promote other events happening out in the community that we believe are worthy of your time and consideration, which may charge a small/nominal entry fee, which is ALWAYS AT COST. Delivery/Will-Call: To gain admission, you will need to provide your photo ID at the point of entry. The name under which your order is held must match the name on your ID. If you're interested in joining us for this SUPER-INSPIRING evening of ORIGINAL ARTISTIC EXPRESSION... ***We kindly encourage you to PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE BEFORE YOU RSVP*** to this particular FEELING ALIVE NOW! event -- because there is LIMITED SPACE and sometime the show sells out in advance! Lastly... Please RSVP here... on this Feeling Alive Now! :D event page.... once you have SUCCESSFULLY purchased your tickets... this way we can all meetup as a community, at the event, and enjoy the show together! By you RSVP-ing here... we will know WHO to look for! When you arrive ---> look for "B" <--- he'll be wearing a ROYAL BLUE BASEBALL CAP with a WHITE LETTER "B" on it! Hope to See You at The Show! With Love, ~D&B~ Deborah Woolston Benjamin "B" Bado Solutions Oriented Ultimate Life (SOUL) Coaches & Certified "Infinite Possibilities" Trainers ( ( ( Beautiful Boundless Blessings ~ ! ~ ! ~ !

Fremont Abbey

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    "Each person is born with a gift. Our call is to find it and care for it. The ultimate purpose of the gift is to exercise the heart into inhabiting its ALIVENESS. For the covenant of life is not just to stay alive, but to stay in our aliveness. And STAYING IN ALIVENESS depends on OPENING THE HEART and keeping it open."

    ~ Mark Nepo, The One Life Weโ€™re Given

    ๐Ÿ˜Š Hello Beautiful Souls! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Calling All Seekers of Self-Awareness, Lovers of Beauty, Introverts, Extroverts, Shy Ones, Outgoing Ones, Awakening & Awakened Ones, Creatives, Tired Ones looking for Revival & Inspiration, Depressed Ones looking for Joy, Lonely ones looking for Connection... (i.e. Humans BEING and looking for MORE from LIFE!)

    No matter what is going on in your life RIGHT NOW...

    No matter how wonderful or crappy your life feels RIGHT NOW...

    In this very MOMENT, this NOW...

    You can CHOOSE to DELIGHT, to WONDER.

    You can CHOOSE to LOVE, to APPRECIATE... YOURSELF, others, your life.

    You can CHOOSE to OPEN YOUR HEART and ALLOW IN... whatever IS... Right NOW.

    You can CHOOSE to LEAN IN.

    You can CHOOSE to simply BE, to simply BREATHE.

    You can CHOOSE to SING, to DANCE, to LAUGH a little or a lot.

    Come JOIN US at:

    -- Eclectic & Stimulating Locations throughout the Greater Seattle Area & Pacific Northwest.



    Chosen & Designed to:


    -- Cultivate the art of SAVORING the PRESENT MOMENT...

    -- Lead you to whatever shines BRIGHTEST for you IN THE MOMENT...

    -- STRETCH your self-imposed limits...

    ...In the midst of WHAT IS.

    Become EXQUISITELY AWARE ofโ€ฆ

    โค Your THOUGHTS

    โค Your PATTERNS

    โค Your EMOTIONS

    โค Your SENSATIONS

    โค Your ENVIRONMENT


    Right HEREโ€ฆ Right NOW


    ~ BEING together in VIVID & ALIVE places (e.g., Pike Place Market, Lincoln Park, ethnic markets, flower-filled neighborhoods, etc.) to AWAKEN all 6 of YOUR SENSES

    ~ Improv & Open Mic Night

    ~ Drumming Circle

    ~ Meditation

    ~ Hero's Journey Night Under the Stars

    ~ Puddle Splashing Walk

    ~ Trance Dance Event

    ~ Death Cafe

    ~ Kayaking at Sunset

    ~ Beautiful Hikes

    ~ Making Art

    ~ Cooking (and eating :D ) Together

    ~ And And And... Many More possibilities to come! :D

    Please keep an eye on our Group Calendar for more information regarding themes and specific dates and times, by going to: (

    *** Also, FEEL FREE to JOIN OUR OTHER (TWO) MEETUPS for MORE Fun & Engaging, Thought-Provoking, Reality-Shifting & Life-Transforming group activities and events, by going to:

    "BE REAL & HEAL!" ๐Ÿ˜Š


    "INFINITE POSSIBILITIES" ~ The Art of Changing Your Life & Living Your Dreams! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    (based on principles related to "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" & "THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS")


    -- Singles, Couples, & Tribes WELCOME!

    -- ANY "Humans BEING" from 18* to 118+ WELCOME!

    *ALL MEMBERS of this meetup MUST be over the age of 18yrs old. However, children UNDER 18yrs of age are WELCOME to attend our events/gatherings, as long as they are accompanied & supervised (AT ALL TIMES) by a parent or guardian.

    -- Max number of attendees will vary by event... As a general courtesy to those interested in attending, PLEASE R.S.V.P. if you plan to join us! Also, PLEASE ADD ANY GUESTS you plan to bring.

    -- While our "Feeling Alive Now!" Meetup Group is FREE to join, and we will offer many FREE experiences... from time-to-time, there may be entry fees, materials fees, and/or other charges associated with some events, depending on the nature of the experiences and/or locations. Each individual event page will offer you more information about whether the event is FREE or list any charges/fees/options, so that you can plan accordingly.

    -- Our events are Drug & Alcohol Free. Please plan accordingly and arrive sober.

    -- All participants are encouraged to practice GOOD SELF-CARE throughout the event & let us know about any special needs so that we may accommodate you.

    Feel free to contact either one (or both) of us DIRECTLY with any questions, or concerns, you may have...


    JOIN US at our NEXT EVENT!!!


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