What we're about


*Hello Photographers!

---Our photography studios will be offering Fine Art photography shoots and workshops for photographers throughout the year!


*We conduct photo shoots in Sebastopol California and the surrounding areas.

FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY is a * PRIVATE GROUP* and you will require a CODE to access the group information.

If you are a member and require the password code please send an email to the

group organizer and request the code.

If you wish to become a member please send an email to the group sponsor indicating why

you wish to become a member and where you are located. Your application for membership

will be reviewed and you will be notified when approved. When approved, you will be

sent the *PRIVATE CODE* for access to FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY.

We sponsor both Photography Shoots (non-instruction) and Photography Workshops (with instruction);

*Photo shoots and photo workshops are open to
photographers of ALL SKILL LEVELS are welcomed unless otherwise noted!*

So please, don't be bashfull and go ahead and sign up for FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY !

If you are approved as a member of Fine Art Photography you will be required to sign in at the Fine Art Photography Event and agree to abide by the rules and etiquette set forth by the Fine Art Photography Group. Failure to obey the rules of this group will result in your immediate removal from Fine Art Photography. No exceptions. The Fine Art Photography Rules and Etiquette are listed under "more" and then "files" at the top of the Fine Art Photography web site. Please read these rules. If you have any questions...please ask :)

PS: If you're not at least 18, it's time for you to go.

NOTICE: This data is proprietary to *SEACASTLE STUDIO*. Duplication or redistribution of this data, in whole or in part, in any physical or electronic form, other than for private use, is a violation of federal copyright law!


All photos posted on Fine Art Photography are used with permission of Seacastle Studio and remain the copyrighted property of *Fine Art Photography* and may not be used without permission


Members are required to follow all rules set by the group sponsor. The Rules and Etiquette can be found by clicking on *More at the top of the website and then by clicking on "Files" or you may contact the group sponsor and the group rules will be sent to you. They are basic rules of conduct. The Fine Art Photography Group sponsor(s) retain the prerogative to remove any member at anytime.


Certain participation levels must be met or the event will be canceled due to lack of photographer interest .

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