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What we’re about

Welcome to FIRE Belgium! We're a community of personal finance enthusiasts. We love to learn and share our experience about earning, saving, investing and living a good life.

We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of investing for their retirement, and feel in control of their personal finance. We believe money is a tool to improve our lives and the lives of others around us.

We focus on building financial security and freedom through simple and effective investing strategies, based on Nobel prize winning academic research: index investing. We are also open to other methods of wealth creation of course, as long as they follow common sense and allow us to spend more time enjoying our lives.

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As we build more financial freedom in our lives, we aim to reach financial independence, a state where we do not rely on work to generate the necessary income to sustain our lives. We believe time is money, and money is time. We invest so that we can buy more time and freedom.

We also believe financial independence is a great enabler of good. We grow beyond our own individual needs and use our FI powers to make the better place.

Aside from this meetup group where we will be posting the events, we also have a Facebook group, where a lot of interesting conversation is taking place online. Make sure you join us there as well as it is more active!
You can also learn more about FIRE Belgium and subscribe to its newsletter on the FIRE Belgium Website.
Welcome to FIRE Belgium!

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