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Bring health, balance, flexibility, strength, stillness and happiness into your life by learning Taoist Tai Chi® arts; a moving meditation which cultivates the body, mind and spirit.

This group will update you on our beginner weekends, beginner courses, open houses and other introduction events in the Vancouver Area for you to participate and get acquainted with these arts.

Class Schedules:

Visit our website for information about classes in the Metro Vancouver area (http://www.taoist.org/vancouver)

A little bit about the Taoist Tai Chi® arts:

People in all states of health and of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to begin studying the Taoist Tai Chi ® arts with us. Just wear flat shoes, comfortable clothing and bring an open heart and mind. Check out our FAQ for beginner information > (http://www.taoist.org/frequently-asked-questions/)

This healing art has many benefits, including reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, improved posture, circulation and mental clarity, and even feeling younger. Click here to see people tell how the practice has has helped them (video). (http://www.taoist.org/moving-meditation-body-mind-spirit/)

The Taoist Tai Chi® arts exercise and stretch the whole body, including your tendons, joints, connective tissue and internal organs. It also “tames the heart”, developing calmness and peace of mind to use in your daily life. Each step in the training is intended to help your mind return to stillness, and your body to a balanced, relaxed and healthy state. Click here to watch our founder Master Moy Lin Shin demonstrating the 108 move set >. (http://www.taoist.org/about-us/our-founder/)

About us:

The Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism is a registered charity run mainly by volunteers. We aim to make the benefits ofTaoist Tai Chi® arts and the practice of Taoist rituals and ceremonies available to all who wish to learn.

Our founder, Master Moy Lin Shin, was a Taoist monk and tai chi master who dedicated his life to making the Taoist methods of transformation accessible and beneficial to everyone, regardless of their health and physical condition.

The institute observes the unified teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Its mission is to deliver all from suffering, both the living and the dead, through community service, rituals and ceremonies, and the cultivation of body and mind. Learn more about us > (http://www.taoist.org/about-us/)


Accredited volunteer instructors are ready to welcome you into Taoist Tai Chi® arts classes at more than 800 locations in 26 countries. Find a location in your country > (http://www.taoist.org/find-classes/)

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