What we're about

Welcome to our group! We believe that all women are strong women, who have a variety of interests, and that we all do better when we build each other up, while having lots of fun!

We're going to be "getting our girl and woman on" with a wide variety of events in many different locations. The goal will be to have tons of fun while surrounding ourselves with positive energy. Because of this, we don’t have age limits in our group. Age is but a number... ;)

If there is an event that you'd like us to add to the calendar, be sure to let us know.

Other Groups that I help organize:

Writer's Block Party group for readers, writers, editors, marketers, cover artists, etc: https://www.meetup.com/TriangleFoodAndFun/

Forever Young: YA for Adults Book Club: https://www.meetup.com/Forever-Young-YA-for-Adults-Book-Club/

No-Show Policy: After 2 No-Shows, members will be removed from the group as a courtesy to other members. If you have a special circumstance, please reach out to us ASAP after an event. We completely understand that plans change, so no worries if you need to cancel. We ask that you update your RSVP instead of being a No-Show.

Event Donations: we often ask for a gift to the group of $1.50 if you RSVP for an event. This helps the group function well by having only members who really want to attend an event actually RSVP. It also makes our RSVP list significantly more accurate, so that if 15 people RSVP, very close to that number of members will most likely show. The funds that you gift us will be used to offset MeetUp fees and other event expenses.

On to the business of the group - if you choose to join our group, please be sure to:

1. In order to be approved to join the group, please have a clear front facing close-up picture, of only you, without sunglasses or costume makeup obscuring your face, as your group profile picture. (To update your pic just for our group, click on the drop down menu called "You're a Member" and click on "Your Member Profile". That will take you to the page where you can update your group image for just this group.)

2. Include your real first name. (To update your name, you'll click on the down arrow next to your profile pic in the main meetup website, then click on settings. This is NOT a setting that can be changed only for our group.

3. Please read the entire event description before submitting an RSVP of yes. Sometimes there are very important details that may make you change your mind about attending.

4. If there is an RSVP gift or a contribution to attend events, please pay that right after submitting a Yes RSVP, or we may need to change your RSVP to "Not Going" so that we can make room for other participants. Please do not make event organizers have to message you asking for money to confirm that you’re attending an event. No one likes having to ask for money...

5. By joining the group, you agree that if you choose to participate in any given event, that you are freely doing so, and that you release all event organizers and home owners from liability or responsibility for your safety. Some events could potentially be dangerous in ways that may or may not be obvious. Some examples include, but are not limited to, sprained ankles while walking in the woods (or on flat ground), throwing out your back while dancing, tick bites if doing yoga in the park, and the list goes on... If you do not feel comfortable participating in an event, or if you do not believe that you can participate without causing injury to yourself or others, please do not participate in that particular event.

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