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We are real people and not super athletes. We are a group who wants to share the basics of Filipino Stick Fighting, also known as Arnis, Kali or Escrima, so that they can learn effective self-defense and get back to having better fitness and range of motion.

For the moment, we offer a weekly Saturday class for you to enjoy. This Saturday morning class is taught by its own certified instructor of Kombatan Arnis / Presas-Style who can show you the basics as well as help you improve your awareness and reflexes. This class is geared towards the student wanting to get certified and belted in the art of Kombatan Arnis- a style is known for its blending of modern(stick) and classical(blade) styles, as well as empty-hand techniques. Here you will learn Forms, Drills, and Concepts to help you attain that goal.

•Learn how to use weapons. We start with stick fighting and progress to other weapons and ranges.

•We train you from the ground up.

•Excellent and Effective way to learn self-defense

•Improve coordination and range of movement

•We welcome all fitness levels

While many methods of MMA and Grappling are great for the young and very athletic, many of us are looking for a more conservative pace that is geared towards an older professional that still offers an aggressive combat system while providing a great workout to stay fit.

We teach FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) also known as Arnis, Kali or Escrima. We teach you how to use weapons right from the beginning. This in turn improves your armed and unarmed skills so that you can defend yourself from both armed and unarmed attackers. We collect a small fee for each MeetUp to help pay for the location, instructor's time as well as the MeetUp fees.

We encourage you to try the classes to get a feel for the art. Enjoy meeting people from the Meetup group and enjoy a life long journey in the art of Filipino Martial Arts.

Please make sure you RSVP for an event (or it may be cancelled if nobody RSVP's).

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