What we're about

This group is a place for teenagers to learn, have fun, and build their entrepreneurial skills—because anyone can start a business!! We want to support the creativity and dreams of teenagers, helping them with the actual skills and strategies to build a life on their terms and not limit their mind into only what is taught in school.

When I was a teenager in Italy, I dreamt of starting my own business. Growing up I was taught that the only path was school, university, and a good job. While there is nothing wrong with this path, it wasn’t the life I dreamed of. I always felt like something was missing and found myself wanting more.

But guess what? I created my own path that started with a journey in personal development. When I started, I couldn’t get enough of it, and in just 3 years I was able to create a successful business in Australia—a country where I knew nobody, and had to start from scratch!

Now I want to give back to the community and share my own knowledge and the knowledge of other business experts with teenagers, to help them realise that they can do anything!!! There are no limits to what they can achieve, and there is so much they can learn!

We will bring in experts in the field of business, social media, mindset, NLP, coaching, and so much more!! All the things I wish someone would have taught me as a teen!!

Parents can come to information sessions starting on

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