PGP/GPG Keysigning at FOSSASIA 2017


We are organizing a key-signing event at FOSSASIA. We will gather around at 14:00 on Saturday at the exhibition area a.k.a Scientist for a Day. For more info check and

You are all welcome!

It's not too late to create a GPG key and collect some signatures. Check this how to:

=== PLAN ===

Here is the plan of the day:

1. Put your information into the pad: Your full name, key length and type, key fingerprint. I will bring a computer, you can use it if you don’t have one with you.
2. After collecting all the keys and checking for correctness, we will close the file and create its hash. We will read this hash while everybody take a note of it.
3. I will put the file online, so that you will be able to download it to your phones.
4. We will form a line and start checking IDs. If you are convinced that the person is who she claims to be, take note of it.
5. After everybody check everybody, we will be done for the day. For your convenience, I will download the keys, create a keyring, and send it to everyone.
6. When you get home, you can check the hash of the file that you have downloaded against the hash code that you have noted down. If they match, continue signing; if not, stop, there should be something fishy going on.
7. You can use the caff tool on the keyring that you will receive from me. Don’t forget to cross-check the fingerprints with the ones in your file.