What we're about

Future of Work Portland (https://fowpdx.com)

Our mission is to create safe spaces where people can explore work/life innovation. We formed in 2017 to host the first open space conference in Portland-themed on the future of work. Our inspiration comes from the intersection of improvement in software, healthcare, banking, construction, nonprofits and the great need for things to get better.

What this Meetup Group is about

We explore the emerging ideas and practices of responsive, adaptable, evolving organizations. More and more organizations are replacing the traditional management hierarchy with more fluid and responsive ways of organizing. Valve, Zappos, Medium, Spotify, Morning Star, are just some of the examples of companies reinventing how work gets organized in service of purpose. This meetup explores what we can learn from these and other organizations' experiments and experiences, and how we can start reinventing and transforming our own organizations to be more responsive and purpose-driven.

Who should join

People who are passionate about reinventing organizations, agile, responsiveness, holacracy, etc., and who are ready to jump in and start experimenting in the teams and organizations they show up in. Bring an open mind, share what/who inspires you, what you're reading, what you've tried, and what burning questions you want to explore. There are so many progressive, innovative professionals in Portland, let's collaborate!

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Reinventing Masculinity @ Work

Online event

Join explorative discussion on Reinventing Masculinity @ Work with Ed Frauenheim. Co-author of the book of the same name (https://www.reinventingmasculinity.com/).

We are in the midst of a shift from an outdated, unhealthy "confined" masculinity to a “liberating” version of manhood that frees men and all those around them to live fuller lives at work, at play, at home and in the world.

Today’s faster, flatter, fairness-focused work world is asking more from men, as leaders, as collaborators and as individual contributors. For example, it is asking men to let go of a fundamentally exclusive definition of success and embrace instead an inclusive version of success that is about lifting up others even as men progress.

Key questions:
--How are men called to show up at work today?
--Why is masculinity an appropriate lens through which to look at workplaces, and how do we need to adapt our views of masculinity and organizations going forward?
--Who are some of the "leading men" when it comes to demonstrating a different, "liberating" masculinity at work?
--How have the past 18 months of crises opened new doors for us to reimagine and reinvent masculinity @ work?

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ACTION Café - Virtual Co-working space

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