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What we’re about

It’s gotten harder to get new clients and customers using traditional marketing. 

I wanted to find out why.

I network, I broadcast, I interview entrepreneurs and business professionals about their business and networking. 

I am an introvert and dyslexic who has to succeed with a networking system despite my shortcomings and I am determined to help you create networking win/wins as I do.

I’m a networking relationship & marketing strategist and I specialize in cross-group networking.

Learning Cross Group Networking has solved the problem of getting more new clients for people like me.

Our Dream Team of Networking Experts have experienced huge successes across Multiple Groups Chambers of Commerce, Toastmasters, Meetups, BNI Groups, Facebook and Linkedin Groups, Business Expo & Conferences (Offline and on) & across multiple stages platforms Meetup, Zoom, Facebook & YouTube LIVE and from Cafe Networking locations.

I'm a Mike Hayes, d.g.a. broadcaster.